NDC Infrared Engineering Introduces New Rotary Scanner Gauge For Blown Film Systems

  • July 25, 2005
  • NDC Infrared Engineering
  • News
Irwindale, CA - NDC Infrared Engineering has introduced a new family of rotary scanners specifically designed for blown film systems. These products allow fast measurement of the blown film bubble - as fast as a complete scan per minute, depending on the bubble diameter – to significantly improve the feedback time for the gauging system to generate a polar plot of the bubble profile. Scanners for blown film systems with bubbles as large as 2.7 meters in diameter are available.Without this scanner, the gauging system must wait for the device being used to randomize profile variation (for example, oscillating die or haul-off) to complete one rotation before an update can occur. This can take several minutes, versus a scan per minute that is achievable with the rotary scanner.“This new scanner provides a number of benefits to the blown film processor,” said Hector Marchand, NDC Vice President of Marketing. “By improving the speed of the blown film bubble measurement by a factor of 3x or more, processors can start-up faster, and reduce the amount of scrap generated at start-up. In addition, these scanners are essential for good Auto Profile control via heated die bolts or segmented air rings.”The rotary scanner is designed to be installed below the collapsers and above the frost line of the blown film system to insure the best quality of measurement possible. Several diameter rotary scanners are available to match the needs of the individual process. The rotary scanner includes NDC’s TPP (Telescopic Probe Positioner) unit to insure that the company’s measurement sensor maintains proper measurement position to the bubble, even if bubble position / diameter change due to process changes.The new Rotary Scanner and TPP unit have been installed on several blown film installations in North America, Asia, and Europe, and are providing excellent performance.About NDC Infrared EngineeringNDC Infrared Engineering offers the world's most extensive range of non-contact sensors and systems for measurement of moisture, fat, protein and continuous web processes variables such as coat weight and film thickness.The group's range of complementary measurement technologies for the web industry includes infrared absorption, beta transmission, gamma backscatter, X-ray fluorescence and transmission, laser caliper and UV absorption. Applications include blown film, cast film, paper, foil and film converting, pulp and paper, nonwovens, rubber and plastics sheet materials, tire production and plastic pipe manufacture. Products range from hand-held, portable devices for QA checks, to complete on-line system solutions for continuous precision measurement and process control.The group is the world market leader in the design and manufacture of near infrared (NIR) sensors and systems for on-line and off-line analysis and measurement. The NIR product range includes instruments for monitoring fat, moisture and protein content in food; moisture, nicotine and total reducing sugars in tobacco products; film thickness, barrier layers and coat-weight in plastics; paper and board, foils and sheet steel.Other products in the NDC Infrared Engineering portfolio include a microwave system for measuring the moisture content of paper and a wide range of hardware and software accessories for the sensor and system ranges. All products are CE marked.NDC Infrared Engineering is headquartered at Irwindale, California in the USA and Maldon, UK in Europe. Operating companies in Germany, China and Japan provide local support to key world markets, and NDC Infrared Group is presented in more than 60 countries worldwide by a comprehensive network of specialist distributors.NDC Infrared Engineering is a Spectris company, an international company specializing in high value-in-use process control solutionsVisit their website at www.ndcinfrared.com

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