Online Development Introduces Enterprise Transaction Module for Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLCs

  • May 19, 2005
  • News
Knoxville, TN – Online Development announces the availability for immediate shipment of their xCoupler™ enterprise transaction module for Allen-Bradley® ControlLogix® PLCs. The module is a first in the series of xCoupler enterprise transaction modules that snap into the backplane of PLCs to provide two-tier data exchange between plant floor devices connected to the controller such as sensors, actuators, drives, bar code scanners, robots, RFID controllers, etc. and enterprise servers. To eliminate PC-based interfaces that are commonly used to transfer data, xCoupler communicates directly from ControlLogix to enterprise servers in their native language. Popular server communications interfaces currently available for the xCoupler include IBM® WebSphere® MQ and DB2, Oracle®, Microsoft® SQL, SMTP and TCP/IP. Additional enterprise interfaces are currently being developed for other server applications. Configuring modules to map data values from factory floor controllers to the enterprise is accomplished using the xCoupler module’s WorkBench™ software tool. Its drag and drop configurator makes programming simple and easy with no programming skills required. It also eliminates the need to develop enterprise drivers to communicate to factory floor control systems. In addition to simple and fast operation and setup, these modules eliminate the security, virus and data integrity problems associated with PC-operated multi-tier systems connected to the enterprise. The xCoupler module’s operating system is virtually immune to security problems and virus attacks. It provides exceptional data accuracy and data timeliness. Plant floor devices cannot affect the operation of the xCoupler module and the module’s operation cannot affect plant floor devices. The xCoupler line of enterprise transaction modules is a collaborative venture by Online Development, a fast track developer of factory automation hardware and software, and ILS Technology, a specialized software developer for real-time manufacturing intelligence.According to ARC Advisory Group Research Director Craig Resnick, "Technologies such as xCoupler provide bridging solutions for the real-time data collection and information needs of the plant floor. This results in enterprise connectivity to a wide variety of plant equipment and legacy systems and helps to enable high-speed integration of plant floor devices and dynamic integration with business systems. This capability is critical, as each process provides a vital link for Real-time Performance Management, which uses dynamic performance targets to drive an enterprise to reach its optimum potential and achieve competitive advantage."About Online DevelopmentOnline Development is a "fast track" developer of factory automation hardware and software for OEMs such as Rockwell Automation and ProSoft products in the industrial market space. Since its founding in 1989, the company has focused on developing the technologies needed to enable various leading brands of PLCs to communicate with either field devices or other brands of PLCs, as well as PCs. These technologies provide connectivity between various proprietary factory automation controls, barcode scanners, modems, printers, HMIs, sensors, popular factory/warehouse network systems, and PC-based enterprise systems to provide real-time communications throughout the enterprise. Integral to the company's success is its use of the latest online CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and help desk tools. These tools provide OEM customers robust engineering and product support; plus, streamline transactions while reducing procurement and product support costs.Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, Online Development is privately owned and has offices in Cleveland, Ohio, Cincinnati, Ohio and Brussels, Belgium. Online Development, Inc. Headquarters Address: 7209 Chapman Highway, Knoxville, TN 37920 Main Telephone: 800-625-8678 Website: ILS TechnologyILS Technology LLC, a subsidiary of Park-Ohio Holding Corp., is a highly specialized software development organization that creates and installs applications and tools to help manufacturers achieve greater production efficiencies through the use of technology. Its solutions for real-time manufacturing intelligence enable customers to extract the information they need from production operations to make informed decisions and reduce manufacturing costs. The company’s solutions are computer system independent and capable of running across multiple operating system platforms to fit any information technology environment including Linux, Unix, Windows, AIX, Solaris, WinCE, PalmOS and others. ILS Technology software solutions are being used for e-manufacturing applications in semiconductor and automotive industries, as well as turnkey embedded industrial applications.ILS Technology has offices at 5300 Broken Sound Boulevard, Suite 160, Boca Raton, FL 33847. The company’s main phone number is 561-982-9898 and their web site can be found at About Park-Ohio Holdings Corp.Park-Ohio Holdings Corp. (PKOH), primarily through the subsidiaries owned by its direct subsidiary, Park-Ohio Industries, Inc., is a provider of supply chain logistics services and a manufacturer of highly engineered products. The company operates through three segments: Integrated Logistics Solutions (ILS), Aluminum Products and Manufactured Products. ILS is a supply chain logistics provider of production components to large, multinational manufacturing companies, other manufacturers and distributors. Aluminum Products manufactures cast aluminum components for automotive, agricultural equipment, heavy-duty truck and construction equipment manufacturers. Aluminum Products also provides services such as design and engineering, machining and assembly. Manufactured Products operates a group of businesses that design and manufacture products engineered for specific customer applications. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, the company operates 24 manufacturing sites and 32 supply chain logistics facilities.

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