Phoenix Contact Introduces CIP Network I/O Interface Solutions

  • May 26, 2005
  • Phoenix Contact
  • News
Harrisburg, Pa. – Phoenix Contact announces two new CIP (Common Industrial Protocol) network interface solutions for its popular Inline Modular and Fieldline Modular I/O families. The Inline Ethernet/IP Bus Coupler (FL IL 24BK-ETH/IP) provides complete 10/100 TX Ethernet/IP connectivity to Inline stations of up to 63 I/O modules. The Ethernet/IP BK provides easily accessible diagnostics for fast startups and intuitive ongoing maintenance. A two-digit diagnostic display and full complement of LEDs supply module and network status, including unique local indication loss of network communication, allowing basic installation and maintenance when access to laptops or web pages is not possible. The graphics and plain English descriptions in the web pages provide pinpoint diagnostics such as bus coupler operating status, module-by-module station configuration status, and application faults such as overloads. While I/O is controlled via Ethernet/IP, PCs can simultaneously access complete I/O and diagnostic information via the XML industry software standard. The XML interface allows users to develop and reuse I/O station customized web pages without the need to purchase color graphic HMI packages. The Fieldline Modular DeviceNet Bus Coupler (FLM BK DN M12 DI 8 M12), available in July, offers a DeviceNet interface for the Fieldline Modular IP65/67 machine-mount I/O system. The FLM Bus Coupler begins the I/O station with a DeviceNet interface and eight built-in digital inputs. The station can include up to 16 digital or analog I/O modules for a total of 136 digital points or 64 analog channels. The individual modules are interconnected using SPEEDCON M12 connections and flexible copper cable, spanning a total distance of over 65 feet. Features including auto baud rate selection and auto configuration allow for fast station startups, while local LED diagnostics and a faulted node recovery option provide easy maintenance. Both CIP interfaces offer a unique error history log which stores the last 10 status changes for easy isolation of even intermittent faults. Unique COS Mask and Input latch functions maximize system throughput for high production manufacturing. In keeping with Phoenix Contact’s commitment to quality, the Ethernet/IP BK and FLM DeviceNet BK are ODVA tested to the latest conformance test levels. Phoenix Contact Inc. Quality System is registered to ISO 9001: 2000 - Quality Systems Model for Quality Assurance in design, development, production, installation and servicing. Information on the Ethernet/IP BK and FLM DeviceNet BK is available from Phoenix Contact Inc., Automation Systems Group, 800-586-5525, E-mail: Visit the company’s website at

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