PIAB'S Hygenic C-33 Vacuum Conveyor Safely Moves Powder During Tablet Press

  • April 20, 2005
  • PIAB Vacuum Products
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Hingham, MA, —PIAB Vacuum Conveyors, a leading manufacturer of industrial vacuum conveyors and components, offers its C-33 vacuum conveyor as an ideal solution for eliminating dust during tablet press loading applications. Powered by the company’s highly regarded pneumatically driven vacuum pumps, the C-33 conveyor safely moves up to 15 tons of powder per hour, eliminating manual scooping of material and messy dumping or mishandling. Constructed of stainless steel AISI 316L, PIAB’s C-33 hygienic conveyor is completely enclosed and features a flexible, modular design to allow for easy dismantling and cleaning. Additionally, the C-33’s filter design can trap particles down to 0.3 microns. This advanced filter design reduces personnel from being exposed to dust or other pollutants, in addition to decreasing the chance of cross contamination during product changeover. The C-33 can also be equipped with a High Efficiency Particle Arrestment (HEPA) filter, which removes 99.9% of all dust particles.PIAB’s C-33 conveyor features a unique fluidization capability which allows compressed air to pass through a porous material, creating a cushion that reduces the coefficient of friction between the material and the base. The air is then mixed with the powder in such a way that friction is also reduced between the particles in the material, allowing traditionally non-free flowing powders to “flow like water.” PIAB’s fluidization feature also allows Nitrogen to be introduced into the vacuum receiver through the product without custom modifications, thus reducing the chance of explosions of volatile materials. Examined and accepted by the USDA and found in compliance with GMP practices, the C-33 is ideal for meeting stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Additionally, the C-33 has received the Installation, Operation, and Performance qualification (IQ OQ PQ) validation. This validation provides PIAB’s pharmaceutical customers with a beginning point to develop their own protocol and make sure that they comply with industry regulations, proving that the correct instrument has been installed properly. PIAB also offers a 5 year warranty for its C-33 Conveyor.About PIABPIAB Vacuum Conveyors is a global leader in developing innovative vacuum technology for use in automated material handling and factory automation processes. PIAB provides innovative solutions designed to help improve productivity and efficiency in manufacturing processes around the world. For more information about PIAB’s complete line of conveyors, contact, PIAB USA, Inc., 65 Sharp Street, Hingham, MA 02043, or call 1-800-321-7422; visit www.piab.com.

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