Pyragon, Inc. Announces Acquisition and Support of Transmation’s I/O Products

  • March 30, 2005
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In December 2001, the Fluke Corporation of Everett Washington purchased all of the manufacturing product lines from Transmation, Inc. Their primary interest was in acquiring the portable calibration business. They did not feel the I/O product lines (which consist of the 200 series temperature transmitters, 3000 series signal conditions, 4200 Data Acquisition products and 4300 Vision I/O line) fit their business.Therefore, on May 20, 2002, Pyragon, Inc. purchased the rights and assets to all of these products from Fluke Corporation. Pyragon, Inc. is a privately held C Corporation, incorporated under the laws of New York State in 1996. It is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of various instrument products, some of which are in the I/O field.Pyragon, wholly owned by Thomas R. Crumlish. Mr. Crumlish worked at Transmation for 19 years, primarily in sales, product marketing and general management. His last job was President of the manufacturing group that included the I/O line. He personally oversaw the development and marketing of the 2800 family, 3000 series, 4200 and Vision products. Mr. Crumlish left Transmation in 1996 and formed Pyragon, Inc.Additionally, there are several other former Transmation employees now employed at Pyragon, Inc.:
  • Paul Augenstein was the VP of engineering at Transmation (1987-1997). Previously he worked at ABB/Taylor Instruments for 15 years. In that capacity he oversaw the development of most of these I/O products. He currently manages the engineering at Pyragon, Inc.
  • Bala Thirumavalavan was the system support engineer at Transmation for 14 years. He joined Pyragon, Inc. upon the acquisition of the I/O products. He has extensive experience at system assembly at the factory as well as field commissioning and trouble shooting.
  • Kathy Bohnke was an assembler at Transmation for 25 years. She has intimate knowledge of the assembly procedures used for most of the I/O products. She also started at Pyragon, Inc. upon the acquisition of the I/O products.
  • Dave Chamberlin was the lead manufacturing engineer at Transmation for 15 years. He has a degree in mechanical engineering and also held various management positions at Transmation. He started at Pyragon in November, 2002.
  • Terry Quayle was in material management at Transmation for 10 years. She is now the material and procurement manager at Pyragon, Inc.
  • Bob Rosenberg was in various Sales Positions with Transmation for 24 years. Bob will consult with Pyragon in the marketing and sales of our products. He started his consulting duties in June, 2003.Pyragon, Inc. has assumed all warranty and support responsibility for the above mentioned products, and will continue to expand and refine the product offerings purchased from Transmation.For more information e-mail

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