Schneeberger Introduces Linear Guides with Integrated Linear Encoder

  • March 04, 2005
  • News
Bedford, MA, March 3, 2005-Schneeberger, Inc. announced their two newest versions of the Advanced Measuring System are now available with Digital Interface –AMSD 3-A (for ROLLER MONORAIL) and 4-A (for BALL MONORAIL). By using a digital interface, digital signals are transferred directly from the read head without additional interpolation electronics. A special reference pulse for Fanuc controls is incorporated as well as a service LED that indicates different modes of operation. Built upon the same technology that Schneeberger first introduced to industry in 1992, AMSD 3-A and AMSD 4-A, offer a space-saving system that can be used in very restricted settings. Both versions allow the addition of the SPL Lubrication cartridge and wipers that further eliminate the potential of contamination from oils, greases, and coolants.Linear scales provide machines with positioning feedback in all three axes for optimal machining accuracy and repeatability. Each Schneeberger Advanced Measuring System includes a hard cover band that protects the magnetic scale from accidental physical damage that could lead to signal decay. In addition, all AMSA (Generation 3.0 and higher) use new, wear-free ceramic sliding elements on the electronic scanning head for long-term protection against contamination.The concept of integrating a linear magnetic scale into a precision linear motion guide was invented by Schneeberger and applied to its Monorail series of high-capacity, high-stiffness roller guides. The combination technology provides machine designers with a cost-saving and more robust alternative to linear glass scales, which require additional hardware, significant assembly time and close alignment with the guides for proper performance. Magnetic scales can operate in applications subject to vibration, shock, oil, dirt and coolants, where glass scales do not. Schneeberger AMSA linear guides enable designers to specify two critical machine components--guide and encoder--with a single Schneeberger part number. Moreover, it saves hours of time normally required for the alignment of a linear scale, as the integration of scale and guide in a single piece allows simultaneous installation and alignment of the scale as the linear guide is installed. AMSA uses an electronic scan head that attaches to the Schneeberger guideway carriage. The linear profile guide has a magnetic scale imbedded in it without altering its normal cross-section. This allows drop-in replacement of most standard, anti-friction profile linear guides. The Schneeberger AMSD 3-A is available in roller guide sizes MR25, 35, 45, 55 and 65 and the AMSD 4-A is available in ball guide sizes BM15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, and 45. Electronically, AMSD 3-A and 4-A offer a resolution of 0.2 TO 5 microns. Scales for both versions feature distance coded reference marks at 50mm intervals, A quad B signals RS422 with reference and error signal, reference pulse width 90° or 500 µs for FANUC-CNC. Operating temperatures of up to +70° C and storage temperatures of –20 to +70° C are possible. AMSD 3-A offers compact scanhead lengths of 75 to 90mm and AMSD 4-A between 66 and 78 mm. In both versions, the sensor cable attaches from the back of the scanhead to the front of the electronic housing unit, thus further reducing space requirements. Maximum rail lengths of 6,000mm are available. Over eight-thousand installations of Schneeberger integrated scale guides have been installed throughout the world. Machine tools are the most popular application for the integrated linear scale because of its greater durability and smaller space requirements than glass scales. In addition, the AMSA is impervious to oil, grease, coolants and vibrations from machining operations. In extremely contaminated environments additional wiper seals are available to move large metal chips and other types of debris. Schneeberger, Incorporated, one of four subsidiaries of W. Schneeberger AG headquartered in Switzerland, markets precision linear motion components and systems for demanding applications. Products include ball and cross-roller bearings, miniature slides and rails, profile guides, automated linear modules, multi-axis positioning systems and precision ball screws. Based in Bedford, MA, Schneeberger, Incorporated sells directly through its six regional sales offices throughout the US. For more information, contact Schneeberger at 1-800-854-6333 or visit

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