SimSci-Esscor Dynamic Process Simulation Solution Now Offers Improved Performance and Enhanced Ease of Use

  • April 11, 2005
  • Schneider Electric
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LAKE FOREST, CALIFORNIA, USA - April 11, 2005 - The SimSci-Esscor unit of Invensys Process Systems today announced a new version of its DYNSIM dynamic simulation program. The DYNSIM software is used for engineering design and operator training. Version 4.0 of the DYNSIM software includes an improved pressure flow solution algorithm, improved data entry usability, a more powerful controller model, and thermodynamic data customization. The DYNSIM simulator can be used in a variety of industrial process applications including refining, oil and gas processing, LNG, petrochemical, and chemical process simulation. Version 4.0 includes a new pressure flow solver that simplifies simulation configuration while improving performance and maintaining solution robustness. The new version is also enhanced to identify the minimum information required to develop and execute a dynamic simulation model, allowing users to quickly develop simulations without sacrificing flexibility and functionality for the advanced user. The software includes enhancements to the controller algorithms designed to enable them to more closely match the control algorithms found in actual plant control systems. Users can also interface with a thermodynamic data management system to customize component and thermodynamic data. In addition, Version 4.0 has a valve sizing utility and has been enhanced to provide more accurate vessel depressuring calculations. As part of SimSci-Esscor's SIM4ME common modeling environment, the DYNSIM simulator enables users to leverage simulation model equity, providing a powerful, cost-effective improvement over legacy dynamic simulators. It excels in plant simulation by allowing the use of the same model in multiple applications such as process design studies, control evaluations and checkouts, operator training, and operational analysis. The DYNSIM software is integrated with SimSci-Esscor's flagship Pro/II process simulation program that performs rigorous mass and energy balances for a wide range of plant processes. The solution opens and automatically translates steady-state Pro/II simulations into DYNSIM dynamic simulations. Starting from existing PRO/II simulations increases engineering efficiency since less time is required to redevelop models for each application. Also, data discrepancies can be avoided when engineers deploy the same model in each application, which increases technical accuracy and provides higher levels of overall simulation reliability. "As part of the SIM4ME development roadmap, SimSci-Esscor continues to advance the DYNSIM product's position as the leading dynamic simulator in the process industries with new releases that deliver significant value to our customers," said Alastair Fraser, vice president of Invensys' SimSci-Esscor unit. "Customers can exploit their existing model equity in the PRO/II simulations to gain advantages over the entire plant life span." Engineers and operators can use the DYNSIM software to perform basic design studies, operational troubleshooting, control system checkouts and comprehensive evaluations of standard and emergency operational procedures. It enables superior control system design and revamp while shortening commissioning time. It can routinely help prevent production interruptions while increasing plant efficiency and safety. Operators can also use it to improve and test emergency response procedures to prevent expensive equipment damage in a risk free environment.The DYNSIM software is part of SimSci-Esscor's Dynamic Simulation Suite (DSS), which provides the full power of rigorous dynamic simulation and control emulation for plant engineers, operators, and managers. DSS programs include the DYNSIM simulator, the FSIM Plus Foxboro I/A emulator and the TRISIM Plus Triconex emulator.The DYNSIM dynamic simulation program is powered by the SIM4ME common modeling environment, which is designed by SimSci-Esscor to help businesses build open computing solutions for the process industries. Based on a model-centric design, the SIM4ME environment hosts SimSci-Esscor's comprehensive process simulation, optimization and control system emulation programs.For more information about SimSci-Esscor, please go to more information about Invensys, please go to

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