SIXNET Introduces Micro-VersaTRAK® µIPm(tm) RTU / Controller with Installation-ready Interface for Real-time Plant Floor Data

  • April 27, 2005
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SIXNET announces its latest addition to their IPm product line of Linux-based RTUs and Controllers, the Micro-VersaTRAK µIPm. The µIPm (which stands for micro-IPm) is a rugged, compact unit with a built-in mix of 14 discrete & analog I/O, 4 serial ports and a 10/100 Ethernet interface. It is a sister product to the popular Mini-VersaTRAK mIPm (mini-IPm) which has up to 26 built-in I/O. Like other SIXNET IPm Controllers and RTUs, the µIPm is pre-loaded with open-source Linux and the industrial IPm firmware. This provides ready-to-use advanced automation, control, and data acquisition capabilities plus the flexibility to program your own Linux or IEC 61131 applications.Included with the µIPm is the powerful IPm firmware, which is loaded with industrial automation features that are ready to use right out of the box. Many advanced automation capabilities such as I/O moves and datalogging can be simply configured using the SIXNET I/O Tool Kit software. No programming or knowledge of Linux is necessary in most applications. However, if needed, the open-source Linux inside makes the Micro-IPm truly open and allows for the ultimate flexibility. The µIPm is an ideal platform for plant floor interfacing, of any kind. It can be used for real-time inventory management such as RFID systems, HVAC & energy management, or environmental monitoring to name just a few. Programming the µIPm can be done using any mix of the ISaGRAF IEC61131 languages (ladder logic, sequential function chart, etc.), high-level C/C++ and more. The µIPm is ideal for end users and OEMs alike. End users can use the supplied SIXNET I/O Tool Kit software to configure advanced features, import/export tag definitions, perform diagnostics, and much more. OEMs can easily add their own applications and go right to market, since the Micro-IPm comes pre-certified. Simply stated by SIXNET, "It will make your job easier."Inside the µIPm, there is 16 MB of flash disk and 16 MB of fast dynamic memory, along with an industrial PowerPC CPU. Currently, two µIPm models are offered with different combinations of built-in I/O and serial ports. In addition, it is easily expandable using any of SIXNET's EtherTRAK Ethernet or RemoteTRAK RS485 I/O modules, for up to 1024 I/O points or more. The µIPm is UL/CSA/CE rated for -40 to +70°C operation, Class 1, Div. 2 (Zone 2) hazardous locations and marine/offshore applications.For additional information on these RTUs/Controllers, visit their web site at

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