SMA Introduces New Real-time Capable RS485 Piggyback with 8 Configurable Serial Interfaces

  • July 12, 2005
  • News
Fountain Valley, CA, July 12, 2005 – Data transmission according to the RS485 standard requires that the components connected to this serial two-wire bus adjust their line driver either to transmit or receive mode, depending on the operating state. The switch from transmit to receive is usually carried out by the driver. Unfortunately, this can cause problems in modern multi-tasking operation systems because the transmit and receive tasks must be precisely synchronized.SMA’s 3U CompactPCI module CSER8 provides up to eight configurable serial interfaces, depending on the design model. Transmitter control takes place automatically with the CSER8. Thus, entire software development steps and time-consuming tests of the application development can be skipped. In the standard drivers for the CSER8, the “auto enable” function can be turned on and off as required.For all other SMA modules with serial interfaces, a special piggyback is available which provides the auto enable function for the module. The switch from transmit to receive is automatically carried out by means of a retriggerable timer.The RS485 piggyback is available for $78, the CSER8 starts at around $300.Visit

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