SMC Announces Release of Series ASR/ASQ Air Saving Valve

  • May 12, 2005
  • SMC Corporation of America
  • News
Indianapolis, IN – SMC Corporation of America, the world’s largest manufacturer of pneumatic automation products has announced the release of series ASR/ASQ air saving valve. With an increase of energy cost, customers’ interest in energy saving is growing. SMC developed the new air saving valve to respond to this demand.SMC will offer ASR (pressure valve) and ASQ (flow valve). ASR consists of regulator with check valve and speed controller. ASQ consists of quick supply/exhaust valve and speed controller (Meter-in, Meter-out). The body and one-touch fitting allow 360°rotation. Fixed set pressure type and variable set pressure type are available.ASR and ASQ can cut air consumption by operating the return stroke at a reduced pressure and also prevent both jerky movement of working stroke and operation delay in a return stroke. Conventional valve does not have those functions. There is no manufacturer, which can provide the similar products at this moment.SMC Corporation manufactures high quality actuators and cylinders, airline and air preparation equipment, high-purity products, vacuum components, instrumentation, and a host of fittings and accessories applicable to the pneumatic automation industry. SMC has a total of 14 production facilities, 3 of which are in North America –Indiana, California, and Ontario, Canada. SMC’s global presence enables it to provide quality customer service in any part of the world.For more information on SMC’s line of air saving valve, request catalog (ES20-173A) For complete information, visit our website at, or contact Product Manager, (Jun Kuramoto) at extension (14658).

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