TC Communications Introduces New Fiber Mux with “Virtual Channel Mapping” Features

  • March 07, 2005
  • TC Communications
  • News
Intended for SCADA & Process Control fiber optic redundant ring networks, a new 4-Channel Self-Healing Ring Multi-Drop Multiplexer from TC Communications features “Virtual Channel Mapping (VCM).” VCM Benefits include (1) concurrent multiple networks; (2) cost savings by requiring less channels; and, (3) faster polling rates.VCM effectively enables users to run two independent communications networks in one self-healing or redundant ring topology. For example, by enabling virtual point-to-point configurations, it could also allow a dedicated telephone circuit to run concurrently within the network. The TC2104 offers 4 channels on the Master and 2 on each Slave. Its digital design is protocol transparent and offers a sophisticated self-healing ring scheme. If a fiber cable or device failure occurs, the data path automatically switches over within 50 msec. to the secondary path to maintain Ring network integrity. Dry contact alarms can be connected to RTUs/PLCs to help pinpoint fault locations.Interfaces can be RS-232, RS-485 or RS-422. It supports data rates up to 120 Kbps and is available with all popular fiber optic, power and connector options. Industrial Hardened versions (-40oC to 80oC) are available for extreme environments.Specializing in Campus, SCADA & Traffic Control communications networks, TC Communications, Inc. designs, manufactures and sells a wide variety of specialty and general purpose Fiber Optic Connectivity Devices---including all types of Ethernet Switches, Ethernet Media Converters, Modems, Multiplexers, Telephone/Data Multiplexers and Telephone Extenders. For more information:Web Site: www.tccomm.comE-Mail:

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