Wieland Introduces New Safety Relays

  • March 01, 2005
  • Wieland Electric Inc.
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WIELAND ELECTRIC INC. (March, 2005) –In Wieland’s on-going effort to supply the best solutions for the automation industry, they have developed new safety relay products. These products are designed for use with multiple safety devices and are versatile enough to work with many configurations to maintain the safety requirements of any system. These products provide an abundance of functions that cover all the routine industrial applications, such as safety door, e-Stop, switching edges, bumpers and mats. Other functions include two-hand controls, light barriers, delayed switching and valve monitoring In addition to these standard features the safety relays also offer multi-functionality, solid-state interface and a diverse supply voltage range(from 24V to 230V).“With so many applications either using or moving towards an automated process, everyone should be considering safety controls as a necessary part of their machine design to protect the operators and the equipment” said Wieland Product Manager, Marc Immordino. “Wieland’s safety relay series can assist them in achieving a high level of safety protection, in a cost effective and space saving manner.” Consider the SNV 4063KL, which allows the controlled stopping of a drive through the delayed release of the enabling path, which in turn can save both operator and machine. Or the SNO 4062KM, this module has the capability to interface with e-Stop applications, safety gates and 4-wire safety mats, as well as incorporating input debouncing for fast tactile applications. Not only does Wieland offer twelve types of Category 4 safety relays, but they also offer 4 expansion modules that allow for a range of additional safety and signaling contacts. Other features include: automatic/manual restart, cross monitoring, synchro-check, power-on reset, delayed contacts, feedback loop(expansion) and test pulses for light barriers(both positive/negative). All of these features are enclosed in a compact, space saving, 22.5mm housing with fixed or keyed pluggable terminals. Pricing starts at $135.00 per unit. For more information about Wieland’s safety relays, customers may contact their local Wieland distributor, or call (800) WIELAND; or fax (910)259-3691; by mail at Wieland Electric Inc., 49 International Road, Burgaw, NC 28425; or Wieland Electric Inc., 2889 Brighton Road, Oakville, ON L6H 6C9, Canada; or on the worldwide web at www.wielandinc.com.

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