AnaLogic Computers & Eutecus Introduces Intelligent Camera With 8,000 MIPS of Processing Power

  • October 24, 2005
  • News
Budapest, Hungary and Berkeley, CA – October 24, 2005 – AnaLogic Computers Kft and Eutecus, Inc are pleased to announce the latest addition to the award-winning Bi-i product line of smart cameras, the Bi-i V301.Bi-i V301 is the latest addition to the award-winning Bi-i product line of smart cameras from AnaLogic Computers, Kft. The Bi-i V301 reduces the total cost of complex machine vision solutions. The Bi-i V301 intelligent camera has been streamlined and optimized for industrial applications requiring high-speed image capturing as well as extremely fast execution of complex image processing tasks. In contrast to Bi-i V2, Bi-i V301 has a single high-resolution 1.3-Mpixel CMOS sensor, resulting in a more compact design with lower power consumption. Gusztav Bartfai, President of AnaLogic, said “The Bi-i V301 provides the industry with a lower price point intelligent camera with the increased capability of the award-winning Bi-i Family. Coupled with the InstantVision Integrated Software Environment (IV ISE), developers can have their applications up and running in only a few days.”Bi-i V301 runs the latest version of the InstantVision software libraries. Its flexible development environment was designed for rapid application prototyping to reduce the time-to-market of applications. The camera is housed in an industry-standard sized aluminum box, which makes it especially suitable for industrial and surveillance applications. It has Ethernet, USB and RS-232 interfaces, while applications run at speeds up to 1-GHz using the newest digital signal processor (DSP) from Texas Instruments.When the Bi-i V301 is coupled with AnaLogic’s cross-platform InstantVision software libraries, the development time of machine vision applications can be greatly reduced. In addition to common image processing functions, InstantVision contains libraries for advanced image-flow processing (e.g., background detecion, active contour tracking), feature classification and multi-target tracking, which allows application developers to simply use these functions rather than having to develop them in-house. This not only saves development effort, but also increases product quality. A fully-functional evaluation version of the Bi-i Software Development Kit (SDK) is now also available. Pricing and additional information for the Bi-i V301, other members of the Bi-i family as well as the SDK and the InstantVision libraries are available upon request from AnaLogic Computers for Europe and Eutecus Inc. for North America and Asia.See or for further details.About AnaLogic Computers Kft:AnaLogic Computers Kft. is a privately owned firm addressing markets and applications based on the improved capture and processing of high speed image flows, using unique Cellular Vision Technology developed by the company. This technology has direct application in markets such as “Machine Vision”, Security and Surveillance, and Military. About Eutecus, Inc:Eutecus, Inc., headquartered in Austin, TX, with marketing and development offices in Berkeley, CA, is a privately owned company promoting the transfer of technology, products and applications from Europe into North America and Asia. Eutecus has a multifaceted partnership with AnaLogic Computer Kft. to extend, promote and commercialize vision systems that use the novel Cellular Visual Technology developed by AnaLogic.

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