Bal Seal High-Performance Polymer Seals Meet Rigorous Demands of Hot Melt Adhesive Dispensing

  • December 05, 2005
  • News
Bal Seal Engineering's High-Performance Polymer Seals withstand the harsh conditions — high temperatures/pressures/velocities and abrasive/viscous fluids — inherent in hot melt adhesive dispensing applications. These low-cost seals are field-proven to provide highly reliable sealing over millions of thermal cycles in adhesive dispensing valves.Bal Seal High-Performance Polymer Seals are made of formulated, blended PTFE or other engineered polymer compounds, and employ the company's pressure-energized canted-coil spring technology. This patented technology enables near-constant contact force over a wide range of working deflection and allows wide tolerances between mating parts. Coupling PTFE's wear-resistant/low-friction/chemical compatibility properties with the advantages of canted-coil spring technology allow Bal Seal products to meet the most demanding hot melt dispensing requirements. In addition, a patented metal locking ring pressed into the housing of each Bal Seal High-Performance Polymer Seal helps reduce diametrical seal shrinkage.Besides adhesive dispensing valves, Bal Seal Engineering's High-Performance Polymer Seals are proven in numerous other valve types, including gate, ball and needle valves. For more information regarding these seals, please contact; (949) 460–2100; Bal Seal EngineeringBal Seal Engineering provides customers worldwide with innovative solutions that incorporate material science and canted-coil spring technology. The industry leader, Bal Seal has been defined by invention, innovation and vision since its founding in 1958.Today, after nearly 50 years of groundbreaking achievement and more than 120 active patents, Bal Seal Engineering designs, manufactures and supplies leading-edge, customized products for applications that include sealing, current transfer and grounding, EMI shielding, and mechanical holding, latching and loading.

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