Baumüller Introduces Direct Drives with Integrated Thrust

  • November 28, 2005
  • Baumuller America
  • News
Nuremberg. Extruders make special demands of machinery manufacturers. Axial force occurs during melting that has to be compensated for in the system using thrust bearings. Thrust bearings are already integrated in conventional geared motors. However, gearboxes have some significant disadvantages. The Baumüller group therefore uses direct drives with integrated thrust bearings.Compared to geared motors, direct drive technology with integrated thrust bearings has many advantages in extrusion systems. Gearboxes are extremely maintenance-intensive and have a high degree of friction loss. This makes it more difficult to make the torque calculations that increase the precision of the machinery.Baumüller now supplies DST engines with thrust bearings that can withstand masses of up to 400 kN. Direct drive technology has a decisive feature: In order to accurately calculate the performance of extrusion systems, the machinery manufacturer draws conclusions from the torque and the speed. This process calculation is made inaccurate by the friction loss that occurs in geared motors. The situation is completely different with high torque motors: Since they are designed as synchronous motors, the torque can almost be directly derived from the motor power. This is a decisive feature with regard to the production consistency that is required in extrusion systems.High-torque motors are outstanding because they are compact and therefore easier for machinery manufacturers to install. This is because the “space saving” argument is becoming an increasingly important issue in many types of production. The fact that the drive is smaller does not mean that it has less power. The compact design is achieved by using water cooling, which is already available in extrusion systems. These “high torque” motors can therefore be effortlessly integrated in the machine concept. The gearless DST motors from Baumüller achieve high torques of up to 13,500 Nm at slow speeds of 100-300 rpm. The water cooling also ensures that the drives are relatively quiet during operation. As a noise compensator it makes a significant contribution to reducing the amount of noise that is generated.The technique for injection moulding machinery was perfected using a hollow shaft motor that Baumüller constructed by special customer request. The hollow space in the DST can be used to simply pull the screw out from the rear and replace it with a new attachment. This facility also reduces costs, since it is no longer necessary to remove the entire motor.Baumüller manufactures automation systems at all levels from drives to programming in accordance with customer requirements, so that users can work in a more flexible way.For more information, visit The Baumüller Group with its headquarters located in Nuremberg is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative electric drive and automation systems. About 1,700 employees plan, develop, produce and install complete and intelligent system solutions for mechanical engineering at more than 40 locations spread all over the world: From control cabinets to electric drives, from converters to controllers, also including software modules, Motion Control software as per PLCopen as well as operation and visualization tools.The Baumüller Reparaturwerk and Nürmont Installations GmbH & Co. KG add to the group’s after-sales service in the area of service and installations. Baumüller is worldwide one of the leading partners in automation in the printing, plastics, packaging and textile industry as well as in general motion.

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