Contemporary Controls Introduces IGMP Snooping on Managed Industrial Ethernet Switches

  • August 15, 2005
  • Contemporary Controls
  • News
Downers Grove, Illinois (August 15, 2005) Contemporary Controls will now offer IGMP snooping (Internet Group Management Protocol) as part of the vast set of features designed in the company’s managed Industrial Ethernet switches (the EISX_M, the EICP_M, and the EISB_M Series). “IGMP snooping is critical for today’s EtherNet/IP, IP video, and other networks which utilize a high frequency of multicast messaging,” says Bennet Levine, R&D Manager for Contemporary Controls. Levine says IGMP snooping is important in large EtherNet/IP networks. “EtherNet/IP devices utilize multicast messages for their real-time data,” he explains. ”Without this feature, multicast traffic is treated much like broadcast traffic. It is forwarded to all ports. With IGMP snooping, the group multicast traffic is only forwarded to the group member ports of our switches. These switches are available from 8 to 24-port count with copper or copper/fiber combinations. Furthermore, IGMP snooping automatically ages out all learned multicast-port associations for devices which stop responding to query messages and becomes helpful when devices are relocated from one port on the switch to another. This eliminates unwanted multicast messages flowing to ports where the devices were previously connected. The company’s managed Ethernet switches can also function as the query device for the network, allowing the network to operate without a router. They can meet tough environmental conditions and can operate over wide temperature ranges, either from 0º to 60º and –40º to +75ºC. Common applications include commercial and private buildings, urban traffic intersections and in transportation facilities such as airports. For more information on our managed Ethernet switches which are marketed under the CTRLink trade name visit our website

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