Contemporary Controls Introduces New ARCNET® Catalog

  • October 21, 2005
  • Contemporary Controls
  • News
Downers Grove, Illinois (October 2005) - To make the most of every inch of space of your ARCNET system, Contemporary Controls has published a new ARCNET tutorial and product catalog entitled "ARC Control--ARCNET for Control." Whether you're a networking professional or someone who needs to review the technology, this 88-page resource tool will help you to better comprehend the technology and to choose the "correct" product for your application.The focus of the book makes it relevant to engineers and network designers with text clearly stated and supported with numerous graphics and tables. The emphasis of this catalog is explored in terms of building your knowledge at both the design stage and in the maintenance phase. The catalog is well-indexed with these sections: ARCNET® The Hidden Real-Time Network, ARC Control, Transceiver and Connector Selection Guides, Product Descriptions, Technical Specifications, Regulatory Approvals, Accessories, Power Wiring Diagrams, Mechanical Drawings, Glossary, and much more!The tutorial provides you with a solid background of this local area network (LAN). It discusses this technology's advantages, topologies, cabling, segment lengths, transmission times, data link layer, software and standards. Joe Stasiek, Sales Manager for Contemporary Controls, says after reading this catalog you'll be able to make sound decisions about your system and it will enable you to help prevent common system failures. "This catalog shows our continuing support for this time-proven deterministic technology," explains Stasiek. To receive your FREE copy of the catalog, Submit Request Form.

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