Emerson’s PredictPro Software (Embedded DeltaV Advanced Control Suite) Now Addresses Larger More Complex Applications

  • October 12, 2005
  • Emerson Automation Solutions
  • News
Emerson’s DeltaV™ PredictPro software, as part of the embedded DeltaV advanced control suite of software, has been released in a new version that handles more variables to address much larger applications. The new software can handle up to 80 controlled variables and 40 manipulated variables. In addition the product’s optimization capabilities have been improved to provide flexibility and robustness for a wide range of industrial applications."The unique capabilities we’ve built into our PredictPro software make it the ideal choice for our customers to tackle advanced control applications without needing to hire a team of PhDs to get it running," said Duncan Schleiss marketing vice president for the DeltaV product line. "With the expansion of the model size and enhancements to our optimization engine we are now able to help our customers tackle some of their biggest and most difficult control problems."DeltaV PredictPro is a full-scale model predictive control (MPC) for the most complex control problems. PredictPro software can be used for supervisory or regulatory control situations where multiple interactive variables are difficult to manage. PredictPro technology automatically accounts for process interactions and difficult process dynamics. It works with processes having excessive deadtime, long time constants, inverse responses, and loop interactions. It includes an integrated environment for configuration, model development and testing which eliminates the difficult implementation steps typical of other MPC approaches. In most cases, all that is needed is to identify the necessary controlled and manipulated variables involved. Process testing and collection of the process data are performed automatically. Based on this information, the process model and associated multivariable controller may be automatically generated. DeltaV PredictPro runs in the DeltaV system controller or can execute on a stand-alone computer interfaced to other automation systems using an OPC communications link.The optimizer module in the PredictPro software is a linear programming routine that provides engineers a way to input economic or other operating parameters to optimize their plant operations. With PredictPro you may define up to five different optimization objectives. This provides the flexibility to quickly and easily select from different operating modes to respond to changes in costs, short term plant operating demands, or other changeable operating conditions. The expanded PredictPro product is released as part of DeltaV Version 8.3 software. For more details of the version 8.3 release, visit www.EasyDeltaV.com/Version83

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