Hamilton Receives 2005 IEEE Joseph F. Keithley Award for Outstanding Contributions in the Field of Electrical Measurement

  • September 01, 2005
  • Keithley Instruments
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Cleveland, Ohio – September 1, 2005 - The IEEE has named Dr. Clark A. Hamilton as the recipient of the 2005 IEEE Joseph F. Keithley Award in Instrumentation and Measurement. Hamilton, President and CEO of VMetrix, LLC, in Boulder, Colorado, is being recognized for making the DC Josephson junction array voltage standard a practical reality. His work has revolutionized the field of voltage calibration by bringing faster and more accurate voltage standard systems into the labs of end users.The award, sponsored by Keithley Instruments, Inc. (NYSE:KEI) in memory of the company's founder, is presented for outstanding contributions in the field of electrical measurement. It consists of a bronze medal, a certificate, and an honorarium. Through Hamilton’s work, the Josephson junction array voltage standard became a robust superconductor integrated circuit containing about 20,000 Josephson junctions and remains the most complex superconducting circuit in practical use today. More recently, Hamilton has pursued a radically different AC Josephson voltage standard that is driven by a string of pulses, rather than by the precision frequency used for DC standards.A Fellow of the IEEE and NIST, Dr. Hamilton’s numerous honors include the IEEE-USA Electrotechnology Transfer Award, two U.S. Department of Commerce Gold Medals, and the National Conference of Standards Laboratories International William A. Wildhack Award.Criteria considered by the award’s IEEE Evaluation Committee include innovation or development, social value, uniqueness of concept, other technical accomplishments, and the quality of the nomination. The award is administered through the Technical Field Awards Council of the IEEE Awards Board and is independent of Keithley Instruments.About the IEEE. The IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional society with more than 360,000 individual members in approximately 150 countries. Through its members, the IEEE is a leading authority in technical areas ranging from computer engineering, biomedical technology, and telecommunications, to electric power, aerospace, and consumer electronics, among others. Through its technical publishing, conferences, and consensus-based standards activities, the IEEE publishes 30 percent of the world's published literature in electrical and electronics engineering and computer science fields, holds more than 300 major conferences annually, and has nearly 900 active standards with almost 500 under development. Additional information about the IEEE can be found at www.ieee.org.About Keithley. With more than 50 years of measurement expertise, Keithley Instruments (www.keithley.com) has become a world leader in advanced electrical test instruments and systems from DC to RF (radio frequency) geared to the specialized needs of electronics manufacturers for high performance production testing, process monitoring, product development, and research. By building upon our strength in electrical measurement solutions for research, Keithley has become a production test technology leader for the semiconductor, wireless, optoelectronics, and other precision electronics segments of the worldwide electronics industry. The value we provide to our customers is a combination of precision measurement technology and a rich understanding of their applications to improve the quality, throughput, and yield of their products.

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