Haydon Switch & Instrument Introduces New Anti-Backlash and Freewheeling Nuts for Linear Motion Applications

  • November 29, 2005
  • Haydon Switch & Instrument, Inc.
  • News
Waterbury, CT - Haydon Switch & Instrument, Inc. (HSI) has added a new series of Anti-Backlash Nuts to their line of linear motion products. These new anti-backlash nuts are ideal for applications that require precise positioning as they eliminate the minimal backlash between the lead screw and nut interface on HSI’s external linear actuators. The nuts are manufactured from a proprietary self-lubricating polyacetal that, when combined with our precision rolled stainless steel lead screws, provides low drag torque and smooth operation throughout the life of the assembly.When supplied from the factory with HSI’s standard lubricant these nuts are designed to operate for the life of the motor without re-lubrication. They can also be operated without lubrication when combined with PTFE coated screws.The HSI “W” series anti-backlash nut assembly utilizes a patent pending system which preloads 2 threaded nut halves to eliminate backlash without sacrificing efficiency. This system optimizes load carrying capability and bi-directional axial stiffness while minimizing drag torque and system lost motion.For applications that do not require anti-backlash control, the HSI “N” series free wheeling nut optimizes system load carrying capability in the industry’s most compact package.Both nut series are available with a thread mount and are easily customizable with a variety of standard or special flange configurations.These nuts are available in a wide range of diameters and leads that are compatible with HSI’s size 14, 17 and 23 linear actuators.For more information visit www.hsi-inc.com

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