Korenix’s RSTP Over Super Ring Technology Increases Compatibility Between Industrial and Commercial Ethernet Switches

  • November 15, 2005
  • Korenix Technology
  • News
Korenix’s new JetNet 4500 Series Industrial Managed Ethernet Switch supports RSTP over Super Ring technology, or also known as Dual Homing. In some industrial Ethernet applications, industrial Ethernet switches must co-exist with commercial switches. The two different types of switches use different network redundant ring topology; commercial switches use standard RSTP protocol, while industrial Ethernet switches use proprietary ring protocol such as Korenix Super Ring. The compatibility will be a critical issue for the whole system’s network redundancy. Korenix JetNet 4500 Dual Homing technology provides a solution for the compatibility issue.RSTP over Super Ring or Dual Homing is to provide an advanced redundancy network solution by connecting switches running in different redundancy protocols (i.e. IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol and Super Ring) and extend the network redundancy coverage.Technology overview:Redundancy is achieved by connecting two ports from two separate switches using Super Ring protocol with two ports of commercial switches using RSTP protocol. An active link where data is transmitted is connected with one port in the switch. The other port connected with another switch is a hot standby link. Constantly monitoring the hot standby link and will switch over in seconds once the active link is disconnected or breaks. The process of switching the backup route from one switch to another is transparent to the user.Interoperability factors:1. Less than two seconds, Dual Homing can be taken effective to switch over the redundant network.2. Dual Homing technology is full compatible with switches when connecting in RSTP, STP, protocol and Korenix Managed Switches connecting in Super Ring Topology. JetNet 4500 also supports SNMP and RMON, compatible with network management software such as IntraVue.JetNet 4500 Series includes JetNet 4508, 8-port copper, and JetNet 4508f, 6-port copper plus 2 fiber ports models.About Korenix TechnologyKorenix Technology is committed in design and manufacturing industrial communications products, which can be used in various markets that requires high stability or for industrial field environments, such as POS, banking, telecom, transportation, industrial automation, energy, power, military, and medical fields.Korenix has 4 major product lines: JetNet Series Industrial Managed and Unmanaged Redundant Ethernet Switch, JetCon Series Industrial Serial/Ethernet/Fiber Media Converter, JetCard Series Multiport Serial Card, and JetPort Series RS-232/422/485 3-in-1 Device Server. Korenix is committed to provide quality products to our customers. Various safety approvals, such as EMI, EMC, EMS, UL, cUL, are applied to all Korenix products. All Korenix products have 5 years global warranty through worldwide service centers. For customers’ specific application requirements, Korenix also provide tailor-made services. Korenix listens to customers’ voices, designs professional products, and provides comprehensive services to make Korenix a reliable partner for global users.For more information visit www.korenix.com/.

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