MACSEA Announces Predictive Analytics Applied to Manufacturing Maintenance

  • December 01, 2005
  • News
CT, December 1st 2005, November 30th, 2005 – MACSEA Ltd is a global provider of diagnostic and predictive CBM software. Recently, MACSEA highlighted the application of its Predictive Analytics in the field of maintenance, thus bringing advanced forward gazing technologies targeting improved operating efficiencies and directly reduce manufacturing costs. Predictive Analytics is the branch of data mining concerned with the prediction of future probabilities and trends. Previously used extensively in economics and marketing, MACSEA is now applying it to the industrial manufacturing environment, with its flagship monitoring and diagnostic software, DEXTERTM. DEXTER is sophisticated software that automates the process of monitoring, diagnosing, and predicting machinery health for any equipment. Data management and analysis occur continuously around the clock, alerting operators only when problems are detected, either at that point in time or predicted in the future. The benefits in terms of savings in maintenance costs and reduced breakdowns are clear to any company.“DEXTER’s Predictive Analytics helps Plant and Maintenance Managers leverage real-time equipment data,” stated Martin French, VP of Marketing for MACSEA. “It generates effective actions by drawing reliable and solid conclusions about current conditions and future events.”There are very immediate business benefits to diagnosing and predicting equipment health that goes beyond just identifying a problem as it arises. DEXTER allows organizations to streamline their operations by analyzing in real-time, exactly how a specific piece of equipment is performing and predicting future trends and performance. This gives managers the ability to fine-tune plant operations at every stage.To create an accurate predictive model, DEXTER continuously collects data and then builds a statistical model. Predictions are made together with their related probability of occurrence. To increase precision and validity, the model is constantly revised as additional data becomes available. Today’s manufacturing companies are constantly striving to increase efficiencies, reduce wasted effort, and maximize production. This is at the heart of Lean Manufacturing. DEXTER becomes an active partner in making this business strategy a reality.The technology can be seen in action by visiting MACSEA’s website and downloading a demo. The demo allows a client computer to read real-time simulated engine data from a server via the Internet. About MACSEA Ltd.Founded in 1982, MACSEA Ltd. is one of the first companies to offer commercial software specifically focused on machinery and process health assessment. Over a decade of research and another decade of applied experience has resulted in some of the most advanced intelligent technology on the market for real-time machinery diagnostics and prognostics.

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