Mikron Infrared Introduces New M7500 Infrared Camera for Process Monitoring

  • November 17, 2005
  • News
November 2005 – A technology "first" in versatility and low cost, the new Mikron M7500 infrared camera is configurable for midwave or longwave imaging and four different temperature bands, for a fraction of the cost of cryogenically cooled midwave IR cameras. The M7500 is unique in uncooled microbolometer cameras. Mikron's patent-pending "spectral tuning" technology enables the M7500 to image in the midwave bands of 3.9 microns (furnaces and boilers through flames) and 4.8-5.2 microns (for glass), in a temperature range of 400°C-1600°C. Savings of $50,000 and more are possible over cryogenically cooled midwave cameras, along with reduced maintenance costs. For widest process monitoring flexibility, the M7500 features two standard temperature ranges of -40°C 120°C and 0°C 500°C in 8-14 micron long-wave mode, superb for typical thermal monitoring applications, being unaffected by sunlight or factory lighting. It provides temperature measurement accuracy of ±2°C for applications in glass, ceramics, food processing, paper, textiles, electronics, hydrocarbon/chemical processing and others. The M7500 uses an advanced VOX microbolometer detector that provides 320 x 240 resolution in an economy-priced camera – the most pixels for the money. The detector has 76,800 temperature-measuring pixels, four times that of standard 160x120 detector. This provides superior images, free of pixelating, along with temperature measurement resolution as fine as one-tenth of a square inch at six feet. Engineered for adverse conditions, the M7500 features advanced maintenance-free electronics, industrial protective packaging and a wide array of protective accessories. 100Base T Ethernet enables fast, real-time data transfer on plant networks and avoids cable-length restrictions with Firewire, giving complete flexibility in mounting the camera. The M7500 can be utilized with Mikron's MikroSpec R/T software for real-time thermal data acquisition and analysis. The software can capture and display single images or 30 Hz video sequences with up to 32 user-defined regions of interest on them, each with min/max alarm setpoints, configured to generate software and digital output alarms. The software provides extensive analysis capabilities, including histograms of thermal data, 3D displays to show temperature in the Z axis, time vs. temperature graphs, isotherm overlays for a visual representation of temperature breakdown, multiple color palettes and others. Export formats include Excel, ASCII and AVI video formats.The M7500 comes standard with NEMA 4 (IP67) housing rated for ambient temperatures of -15°C to 50°C. An optional high-temperature protective housing raises exposure rating to 100°C. Compact design – just 3.25"x 3.25" x 6" (82 x 82 x 152 mm) in size and 2.6 lbs. in weight (excluding high-temp housing) – enhances application flexibility and installation ease. For more information on M7500 process monitoring cameras, contact Jon Chynoweth at 888-506-3900. Mikron Infrared (NASDQ: MIKR) has been an innovative leader in infrared non-contact temperature measurement since 1969. Mikron offers Value Imageering to help customers solve their most challenging application problems, providing turnkey design, engineering and installation services to meet advanced thermal imaging requirements. The company provides industrial customers and R&D laboratories with accurate instrumentation, ranging from convenient portable cameras to complete thermal imaging systems and black body calibration units.Visit www.mikroninfrared.com

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