MSE-Tetragenics Announces Upgrade to Plant Control System Hardware & Software

  • October 21, 2005
  • News
Butte, MT – October 21, 2005 – MSE-Tetragenics, an automation, controls, and monitoring company, announces the upgrade of their Plant Control System (PCS), including hardware and software updates.The MSE-Tetragenics’ PCS provides complete monitoring and control capabilities for a wide variety of industrial applications, such as hydro power plants, utility substations, communications towers, water and wastewater plants, energy management systems, and industrial building security systems. The system provides reliable and cost-effective controls for all facets of generation and switchyard operation, including voltage control, VAR control, breaker control, generator start/stop, synchronization, pump control, and multi-generator load control with optimization in one integrated system. Water-related controls include pond level, tailrace level, minimum flow, headgate position, spillway level and fish ladder control. Plant security and dam integrity monitoring are also available.The PCS G4 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) offers many advantages including enhanced performance, a real-time operating system, multiple interfaces and protocol support, easily expandable I/O, support of various HMI clients, and integrated SOE and alarm queuing. The G4 board features performance up to 73 MIPS, supports up to 9 on-board serial ports with a serial port expansion board, and additional peripheral ports. The RTU supports the full range of hardware I/O - Digital Inputs, Analog Inputs, Counters, Analog Outputs, and Digital Outputs. There are many variations of I/O card types to meet customer needs, most having 32 points per card. The system can have up to two expansion chassis with 21 card slots each for scalability for small systems to large systems. The RTU also supports many types of controls such as Discrete, PID, Analog Output, and Sequential Control.On board software enhancements include the MSE-Tetragenics MC3000 SCADA Master in real-time Linux, dynamic port assignments, built-in communications analyzer, DNP 3.0 and Modbus protocol support, ability for remote downloads, Ethernet connectivity to remote clients, and a built-in web server.The PCS operating system is RTLinuxPro, that provides flexible and scalable run-time software and extreme reliability. Features include wide support with many CPU architectures, an open design that is highly portable across many processors, over 1800 application program interfaces, high performance microkernel design (fast multitasking, interrupt support and preemptive and round robin scheduling), high compatibility with embedded hardware products, comprehensive networking facilities (optimized TCP/IP for real-time applications), and easy porting to MSE-Tetragenics hardware. The PCS VMEbus architecture is robust and has a proven design. It provides address and data path dynamic selection, bandwidths up to 80 Mbyte/sec, powerful interrupt structure and protocol, multiprocessing capability, and user-defined I/O. The structure is processor independent, with open architecture, and long-term viability.MSE-Tetragenics’ MC3000 SCADA Master is the key component of the PCS. It can control multiple plants within a system comprised of hundreds of Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) or Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). The software is configurable and customizable to meet the needs of any industrial process. When used with the MSE-Tetragenics WTV32 HMI, operators have a flexible, scalable, and easy to use interface to control plant processes.About MSE-Tetragenics: MSE-Tetragenics, a division of MSE Technology Applications Inc., delivers complete industrial SCADA solutions for Automation, Control and Monitoring, developing hardware and software for Plant Control Systems used in the utility industry for hydroelectric and substation automation, water/wastewater system automation, and Communications Monitoring Systems for the telecommunications industry. For more information on MSE-Tetragenics, please visit MSE: MSE Technology Applications Inc. is a diversified engineering company delivering specialized engineering and unique technical solutions to government and commercial industries. MSE specializes in innovative research, design, and technical solutions for energy, waste treatment, and remediation projects. For more information please visit

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