Opto 22 Introduces New Isolated Analog Modules

  • December 20, 2005
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Temecula, CA — December 20, 2005 — Opto 22, a developer and manufacturer of hardwareand software for industrial automation, remote monitoring, data acquisition, and machine-tomachine(M2M) applications, has introduced four new isolated analog modules:SNAP-AIARMS-i, used for applications involving AC/DC current measurement; SNAP-AIVRMS-i,used for applications involving AC/DC voltage measurement; SNAP-AIMA2-i, used for monitoringvery low currents; and SNAP-AOA-23-iSRC, which features built-in, isolated loop sourcing and isused to output current values to industrial devices.“These new analog I/O modules offer full isolation between field devices connected to the samemodule,” states Tom Edwards, Senior Application Engineer at Opto 22. “This electrical isolationeliminates the possibility of any damage resulting from differing operating voltages for theconnected devices, and protects against damage to devices that may share a module with anoverloaded or otherwise malfunctioning device. Also, the built-in, isolated loop sourcing on theSNAP-AOA-23-iSRC can significantly reduce troublesome ground loops when installing 4-20 mAinstrumentation.”The SNAP-AIARMS-i offers two channels of 0-10 amp RMS AC/DC input and is perfectly suited forthe 5-amp secondary input of current transformers used to monitor AC line current in factorypower distribution centers. In these types of applications, the SNAP-AIARMS-i enables earlydetection of spikes in the facility’s electrical consumption, often due to malfunctioningcompressors, failed bearings or other components.The SNAP-AIVRMS-i provides two individually isolated channels of AC or DC input with a range of0 to 250 AC/DC volts. It is ideal for monitoring the commonly found 120/240-volt AC and12/24/48-volt DC system voltages to powered equipment and the process voltages of thatequipment as it operates.The SNAP-AIMA2-i provides two isolated input channels with a range of -1 to +1 milliamps. It isbest suited for measuring very low currents in the microampere range.The SNAP-AOA-23-iSRC provides two channels of current output with a range of 4 to 20milliamps, and includes built-in, isolated current loop sourcing which saves instrumentationtechnicians’ time and the costs associated with providing required isolated external loop power.“Users of Opto 22’s popular mistic family of I/O systems—developed in the early 1990’s—havefound loop-sourcing so valuable, and now it’s available in SNAP I/O,” explains Edwards.The SNAP-AOA-23-iSRC’s loop sources are internally connected to the individual outputs.Additionally, the two channels and their loop sources share no field connections and are isolatedfrom each other. Each loop source is also current limited so that an external fault on one loop willnot affect the other.All of these new modules are part of Opto 22’s flagship SNAP Ethernet systems family and are fullysupported by ioProject™ Basic and ioProject Professional, comprehensive software suites thatinclude control programming, debugging, human-machine interface development, OPCconnectivity, and utilities.The modules are designed for use with Opto 22 SNAP B-series mounting racks in control systemarchitectures with SNAP Ultimate, SNAP Ethernet, or SNAP Simple brains as well as the recentlyintroduced SNAP PAC-R and SNAP PAC-S programmable automation controllers.The SNAP-AIARMS-i, SNAP-AIVRMS-i, SNAP-AIMA2-i, and SNAP-AOA-23-iSRC (available nowthrough Opto 22 authorized distributors, partners, and system integrators, or through the Opto 22website) are priced as follows:
  • SNAP-AIARMS-i – $265 USD
  • SNAP-AIVRMS-i – $265 USD
  • SNAP-AIMA2- i – $265 USD
  • SNAP-AOA-23-iSRC – $265 USDAbout Opto 22Opto 22 develops and manufactures hardware and software products for applications in industrialautomation, remote monitoring, and data acquisition. Using standard, commercially availableInternet, networking, and computer technologies, Opto 22’s input/output and control systemsallow customers to monitor, control, and acquire data from all of the mechanical, electrical, andelectronic assets that are key to their business operations. Opto 22's products and services supportautomation end users, OEMs, and information technology and operations personnel. Founded in1974 and with over 85 million Opto 22-connected devices deployed worldwide, the company hasan established reputation for innovation, quality, and reliability.Opto 22 products are sold through a worldwide network of distributors, partners, and systemintegrators. Learn More

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