Oxford Sensor Technology Announces Major New Developments to Assist the Welding Industry

  • November 28, 2005
  • Oxford Sensor Technology
  • News
Oxford Sensor Technology has launched a number of new products aimed at improving process quality and reducing cost in the automated welding sector.CSS WeldSensorTM A family of intelligent sensors for the location and tracking of seams (weld preps). The CSS WeldSensor can be used in conjunction with robots or motorised slide systems to correctly position the torch relative to the true position of the component.The Sensor’s patented circular scanning technology allows three dimensional information to be obtained from a single scan. The circular scan also allows internal corners to be accurately located in one measurement rather than a series of multiple measurements from various positions as required with a conventional systems.The unique optical design provides excellent image quality on shinier materials such as Aluminum and its robust construction ensures reliable operation in the harsh welding environment.OST QuickFindTMEasy to use software for seam location. The software features innovative graphical user interface which allows the user to define the seam (prep) type pictorially and select the critical feature to be located.OST QuickTrackTMFull tacking software for use with robots or motorized slide systems.OST QuickSlideTMA motorized slide system to automatically position the welding torch in non-robot welding cells. A range of one axis and two axis slides are available to cater for different applications form TIG to submerged arcOST ControllerTMA dedicated controller and interface unit for the welding range of products. The controller has a touch screen monitor and, where appropriate, addition buttons to control motorized slides and other hardware.The launch of the new marks the completion of a major development exercise, which last two years and has evolved experts in mechanical, optical, electronic and software design.Visit www.OxfordSensor.com

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