Prosilica to Unveil Gig E Gigabit Ethernet Vision Cameras at Vision 2005

  • September 09, 2005
  • Allied Vision Technologies
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Vancouver, September 9, 2005 - Prosilica announced today that it will introduce its new line of Gigabit Ethernet cameras for machine vision and industrial inspection at the Vision 2005 exhibition in Stuttgart Germany (November 8-10, 2005). The new GE-series Gigabit Ethernet cameras from Prosilica are designed to conform to the AIA GigE Vision standard. Prosilica will also be showing their broad line of DCAM-compliant firewire cameras including the popular ultra-compact EC-Series.What is Gig-E Vision?GigE Vision is a new interface standard for machine vision cameras such as Prosilica's GE-Series. The GigE Vision standard includes a hardware interface standard (Gigabit Ethernet), communications protocols, and standardized camera control registers. The camera control registers are based on a command structure called GenICam which seeks to establish a common software interface so that third party software can communicate with cameras from various manufacturers without customization. Why are Prosilica's GigE Cameras So Interesting?GigE Vision is exciting because it provides many features that have been unavailable in a single camera interface until now. The combined features of high data rates, universally available computer interface hardware, low cost cabling, and standardized camera controls make Gigabit Ethernet an attractive interface option for machine vision cameras. Here are a few of the compelling benefits of GigE Vision cameras:• Gigabit Ethernet ports are becoming common on PCs and laptop computers. With GigE Vision there is no need for specialized interface hardware or complicated frame grabbers in order to interface to a GigE camera. • GigE provides enough bandwidth to transmit uncompressed image data in real time at speeds required by machine vision applications. The high data rates provided by Gigabit Ethernet are more than double that achieved by other camera interface standards. • Gigabit Ethernet cameras can have long cable lengths up to 100 meters long using standard Ethernet cables (Cat 5 or Cat 6). Such long cable lengths are ten times the maximum lengths offered by Cameralink, firewire, or USB2. • The Ethernet cables can be easily manufactured on-site using low cost cabling and tools. This feature is especially useful for outdoor installations where cables must be routed as the site demands. • GigE Vision works with standard Gigabit Ethernet network hardware which is especially useful in situations requiring multiple views and opens up new applications in Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) and public security imaging. • The GigE Vision standard is analogous to firewire's DCAM (IIDC) and provides ease of integration and use similar to Prosilica's 1394 cameras. "Prosilica's new GE-Series Gigabit Ethernet cameras represent a new level of performance and ease of use unrivalled in the machine vision market", says Marty Furse, Prosilica CEO. "GigE Vision represents a significant advance in camera technology for industrial imaging."About ProsilicaProsilica Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets high-performance digital cameras based on IEEE-1394 (firewire) and Gigabit Ethernet (GigE Vision) for machine vision and industrial applications. For more information contact Prosilica by telephone at 604-875-8855, by email at, or on the web

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