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  • September 14, 2005
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MILWAUKEE, Sept. 14, 2005 — Discovery World announces its latest collaboration with industry leader Rockwell Automation Inc. (NYSE: ROK) and the company’s contribution of $2.5 million toward this new partnership. They are teaming up to create the Rockwell Automation Dream Machine, a new permanent exhibit at Discovery World’s Pier Wisconsin location on Milwaukee’s lakefront, planned to open June 10, 2006. The new exhibit promises to help visitors understand and connect with their future by showing them how they can use technology to achieve change in their world today. Dream Machine visitors will experience walking into an environment where they are greeted by a virtual guide (in the likeness of one of the founders of Rockwell Automation, Lynde Bradley) as he tells them the story of innovation and the wonders of automation. Once inside the work area, they can build their own personalized product, using automated workstations operated by robotic and human attendants. In a fun and engaging way, visitors will explore the fundamentals of design, control, sensors, programming logic, feedback and robotics. As the dream machine operates, it will produce many different things for people to take home, and it will change over time to modify or create new products, just like control and automation does in the real world. Keith Nosbusch, chairman and CEO, Rockwell Automation said: “This project demonstrates Rockwell Automation’s commitment to science and technology education. Our engineers have worked side-by-side with the creative team and staff of Discovery World to develop a world-class experience through this interactive exhibit.” Nosbusch continued: “It will raise awareness about careers in engineering, science, and technology and inspire the creative potential that resides in all of us.”Christine Rodriguez, president and CEO, Pier Wisconsin Ltd., added: “The Rockwell Automation Dream Machine -- ‘making dreams a reality’ -- is a principal educational exhibit for the new Discovery World facility. This exhibit will pull back the curtain about everyday uses of control and automation. It will advance community education about how human ingenuity and innovation can, and does, translate into our everyday world, much of which is driven by industrial automation,” said Rodriguez. Inside the Dream Machine, visitors at each workstation will select from a range of options to program the system to produce a variety of simple yet elegant customized products from a single substrate material. Outputs will include items, such as laminated sailboat game cards that easily can be built out into three-dimensional models, die-cut foam products, ecology necklaces, or three-dimensional paper bonsai. “Activities where someone can take an idea and transform it into something of value, thereby creating a great city or a great company,” said Paul Krajniak, executive director of Discovery World, “is the reality of the Rockwell Automation Dream Machine. The collaborative nature between museum personnel and Rockwell Automation engineers exemplifies how the entire Discovery World project is unfolding,” Krajniak continued. “Rockwell Automation is a treasure right here in Milwaukee, with its own wealth of experts, their vision, skill, training and ideas,” said Michael Cudahy, co-chair of Pier Wisconsin, Ltd. “We are enabling this treasure to become visible and reachable to everyone, regardless of socio-economic status or background.”Automation can be seen in the landmarks showcased around the production workstations. These community landmarks, such as the Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley Clock, The Milwaukee Art Museum’s Burke Brise Soleil, Miller Park, city stop-and-go lights, and Milwaukee’s signature harp lights will remind users of how the principles of automation impact the city around them. “Dreams are not something far away and unreachable,” continued Krajniak. “Step into the Dream Machine and experience the possible. Make something tangible. View the world as a place where you influence the outcome.” The Dream Machine will support national, state and local education curriculum and proficiency standards. There will be adjacent classroom workshop and lab areas for middle and high school students. In addition, Discovery World will utilize its distance learning capabilities over Internet, Internet 2 wireless and satellite technologies to deliver these experiments to classrooms and homes via its website and classroom uploads. “Our new development is taking shape not just as a structure on the lakefront,” continued Rodriguez, “but as a place that is being built for the community and by the community: by companies like Rockwell Automation. It is a gathering place where you are part owner of this dream and you can bring your children and your grandchildren back again and again.”About Rockwell AutomationRockwell Automation (NYSE: ROK), is a leading global provider of automation, power, control, and information solutions that help manufacturers achieve a competitive advantage in their businesses. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., U.S.A., the company employs about 20,000 people serving customers in more than 80 countries.Visit their website at Discovery World Discovery World Ltd., formed through a merger in 2004 with Pier Wisconsin, Ltd., is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to connect innovation, science and technology with exploration, environment and our Great Lakes freshwater resources through interactive exhibits and experiential learning programs. When complete, Discovery World at Pier Wisconsin will house more than 200 exhibits in a 120,000 square-foot facility. To date, contributions and partnerships are evolving, promising to bring one of the most exciting, diverse venues to Milwaukee’s cultural corridor on the lakefront. For more information, visit or

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