Sensor Synergy Introduces Sensor-to-Network Smart Interface

  • October 18, 2005
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Sensor Synergy, Inc has announced the first of a new family of stand-alone, Network Enabled Equipment Monitor products. Designed to greatly simplify remote-sensor communications, for applications such as equipment monitoring, the NEEM Model 112 generates live Web views of data from common analog sensors. Until now, the connection of sensors to the Internet was a costly, engineering-intensive process. This unit combines the key hardware features of a data acquisition system, a data logger and a network server with a tightly integrated, browser-based data viewer interface.The NEEM is powered by advanced smart sensing technologies and includes a software development kit that is rich with modifiable examples, such as an open-source data logger. Through the use of patent-pending "smart-interface" technology, the NEEM 112 provides electronic data sheets and web-log information to supplement the remote user's interpretation of the raw sensor data. This unit is self-contained, with no subscription fees, programming or dedicated data acquisition computer required. Real-time data from multiple sensors can be accessed securely by a standard web browser from anywhere in the world. One NEEM can support ten external sensors. Signal formats include +/-10 volts, thermocouples, strain gauges, 4-20mA, and 5-volt pulses from event counters. Threshold levels can be set to automatically send an urgent alarm email or provide an on-screen alert. An included software toolkit can customize data acquisition and integrate digital values of sensor data into standard software applications, such as spreadsheets, presentation software or custom programs. For example, real-time sensor data can be captured and displayed in a continuously updating Excel spreadsheet on a remote internet-connected PC.Installation is straightforward. Attach virtually any analog sensor to the Sensor Synergy unit, connect to a nearby Ethernet connection, and plug in the power cable. An easy-to-use configuration program and an internal micro-web server launch sensor data onto the Web within minutes of first setup. The sensor data is stored inside the NEEM unit for a year.Remote monitoring applications include equipment operation, production processes, R&D experiments, environmental, security, preventative maintenance, diagnostics, quality control and virtually any sensor-dependent system. Customized board-level products are available for volume applications and can be a cost-effective way to web-enable existing equipment and systems.The Sensor Synergy Model 112 Sensor-to-Network Interface is available for immediate delivery. Prices for individual units start at $1995. Quantity pricing and OEM versions are available.For more information visit Sensor Synergy, Inc.Sensor Synergy, Inc. is a U.S. corporation founded in October 1999 to help industry simplify the task of connecting sensors and actuators to the Internet and local networks.Many manufacturing and commercial enterprises have identified operational barriers within their organization due to various incompatible machine-to-machine and human-to-machine interfaces. Many of these incompatibilities have their roots in low-level electrical and software interfaces used to connect sensor devices to up-stream intelligence. In order to facilitate the use of sensor information collected by various industrial and commercial processes, Sensor Synergy has developed unique set of software and hardware tools to implement low-cost sensor-to-Internet interfaces requiring minimal effort, no training, and virtually no background technical knowledge. These products can be used for remote monitoring of industrial processes, environmental conditions or a wide-range of other, sensor-based monitoring tasks, through standard internet-connected Web browsers.The company's smart transducer interfaces can be custom configured to customer requirements and thus simplify the task of connecting sensor and actuator devices to Ethernet networks. By utilizing existing sensor and actuator devices, Sensor Synergy interfaces work "out-of-the-box," without the need for user programming or separate custom software.The Sensor Synergy staff has the experience and comprehensive understanding necessary to provide user-friendly solutions to complex network-to-device interface issues. Company expertise in sensor hardware technology and custom software solutions has led to the development of cost-saving answers to long-standing industry problems.Drawing on his twenty years of research and development in the sensors and automation area, founder and CEO of Sensor Synergy, Dr. James Wiczer began the process to create better tools to connect transducers to automation equipment. Later, the Sensor Synergy team brought together the combined expertise of several of Dr. Wiczer's former colleagues from the National Laboratories, as well as leading experts from California, Massachusetts, and Illinois.Dr. James Wiczer holds five U.S. patents related to sensors and has published over 60 articles on his research and development work. After receiving his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois, he worked at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His experiences at Sandia include management of the Robotics and Automation Department and, subsequently, management of the Microsensors R&D Department.

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