Wavetrend Wins Important Active RFID Contract for Managing Waste Landfills

  • November 28, 2005
  • News
Wavetrend is a world leading manufacturer of active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. It provides a comprehensive range of tags, readers, peripherals and supporting software through its global accredited Channel Partners. These partners are trained by Wavetrend to help them to design, develop and deliver innovative solutions based on the group’s open architecture platform.Opto Africa, a South African-based Channel Partner founded in 1997, has used Wavetrend’s active tags and readers as part of its solution to enable Pikitup Johannesburg to dramatically improve the efficiency of its management of the City’s waste landfill sites. Thanks to Opto Africa’s innovation and its own initiative in implementing the technology, Pikitup received a prestigious 2005 award from the Centre for Public Service Innovation (CPSI).Johannesburg is home to 2.8 million people and Pikitup manages the waste disposal from these as well as 17,000 businesses based in the City. It also sweeps 9,000 kilometres of streets. Much of the 1.45 million tons of waste produced annually ends up in one of the five waste landfill sites around Johannesburg.Pikitup required a robust, scalable solution that would enable its management to collect precise information on the amount and type of refuse being conveyed over weigh-bridges by its waste fleet to the landfill sites, thus complying with environmental mandates and improving the efficiency of its invoicing.By fitting a Wavetrend active RFID tag to each of the 450 waste vehicles, Opto Africa was able to uniquely identify each vehicle when these were read by Wavetrend tag readers installed at the weigh-bridges. This data is then uploaded to Opto Africa’s e-Box, a versatile communications unit which captures data on the vehicle and its loaded/unloaded mass, the type of waste load, the driver and the date and time. This is then relayed to a hosting environment over the cellular GPRS network so that Pikitup’s management can view activity reports remotely over the internet. Not only has the system provided Pikitup with real time accurate data and enabled it to improve the accuracy of its billing systems, so reducing payment delays, but it has also cut the average turn around time of a landfill transaction from 40 to 25 minutes. Chris Bishop, Chief Executive Officer of Wavetrend, commented: “Wavetrend is delighted to be associated with a project of this scope and magnitude. The solution has significantly improved Pikitup’s operational efficiency and reduced its payment times. It should be of interest to all industrial users of weigh-bridges such as, for example, the mining industry."Wavetrend - Enabling assets to communicateWavetrend Technologies Ltd is a world-leading provider of Ultra Long Range (ULR) active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. In collaboration with its global network of strategic and accredited channel partners, which include IBM, Motorola, Red Prairie and Symbol, Wavetrend provides hardware and software solutions for the RFID market.ULR active RFID tags contain their own power source, enabling real-time asset monitoring and tracking over distances of less than 1 metre to greater than 250 metres. Wavetrend’s tags are robust and have an internal battery life of up to 8 years. The addition of sensors to detect, for example, vibration or changes in temperature, enables assets to communicate their whereabouts and condition using secure transmission protocols for maximum security. Market forecasts anticipate that the RFID market will grow dramatically over the next 10 years. Through its extensive domain knowledge and proven ability to meet the requirements of customers and channel partners alike, Wavetrend is well placed to lead the growth of this market. Founded in 1999, Wavetrend is head-quartered in Richmond, London, and has offices in Washington DC and Johannesburg. Visit www.wavetrend.net

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