Weidmuller’s Industrial Ethernet Cables Add Reliability to Ethernet Networks

  • October 28, 2005
  • Weidmuller
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RICHMOND, VA — Over 80% of the problems associated with the deployment of industrial Ethernet networks are in the physical layer. Specifically they are mechanical connectivity issues. The majority of these issues are within the cabling systems, which generally represent from 50-70% of the total network costs. In many cases, the type of cables required must be application-specific to meet the demands of the industrial Ethernet network environment. Responding to this issue, Weidmuller has developed a full range of electrical and fiber optic Industrial Ethernet Cables –for both patch and network installation– as critical components in their full range of Reliable Ethernet Solutions. In addition to providing a complete offering of standardized industrial Ethernet cables, Weidmuller can provide custom cables for customers with specific application requirements. Their expertise allows Weidmuller to guide customers in selecting the right Ethernet cables for their network.Weidmuller’s electrical cables include both patch cables and network installation cables. Each cable has four pairs of leads to support the industrial standards for Ethernet systems. The straight-through patch cables are designed for use in control panels to connect active elements such as PLCs, switches and media converters. The RJ45 connection plug and connection sockets separate the mechanical connection from the electrical connection. Weidmuller also supplies cross-over patch cables for wiring active network components. Their network installation cables are designed for use outside control panels, and are available in both PVC and PUR, in lengths up to 100 meters.For applications where interference from electromagnetic, electrostatic or radio frequency signals are present, Weidmuller offers fiber optic patch cables and network installation cables. Both types of cables have PVC jackets, and are available as multimode cables in both 50µm and 62.5µm core diameters. The patch cables are available in lengths from 1 to 3 meters. Weidmuller provides network installation cables in any length customers may require. Weidmuller’s fiber optic cables are available with either SC- or ST-type connectors. In addition, they offer fiber optic adaptor cables to enable customers to connect devices using different fiber connector types.In addition to Industrial Ethernet Cables, Weidmuller also offers a full range of products for industrial Ethernet solutions, including managed and unmanaged switches, industrial routers, media and protocol converters, cable entry systems, connection modules, cable testers, Ethernet outlets, connection sockets, front plate interfaces, markers, RJ45 dust caps, couplers, plugs installation flanges, Class 2 approved 24V DC power supplies, Ethernet overvoltage protection modules, and installation and maintenance tools.For more information on Weidmuller’s new Reliable Ethernet Solutions, please visit www.ethernet.weidmuller.com.About WeidmullerWeidmuller is a leading supplier of control and automation connectivity solutions such as Reliable Ethernet Solutions, Power Delivery Solutions, Design-Build-Deliver Solutions, Complete Rail Solutions, switching technology for control panels, printed circuit board terminals and connectors, and terminal blocks. Weidmuller has approximately 3,400 employees worldwide, with 70 sales organizations or offices in more than 60 countries.

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