Wonderware Announces New Program Offerings, Enhanced Pricing and Support Benefits to VARs and OEMs

  • November 21, 2005
  • News
LAKE FOREST, Calif., Nov. 21, 2005 -- Wonderware, a business unit of Invensys Systems, Inc., today announced the launch of new program offerings for value-added resellers (VAR) and original equipment manufacturers (OEM). The Wonderware VAR/OEM Program is designed to provide Wonderware VARs and OEMs special pricing, purchasing and support options to enhance their sales efforts in the industrial and manufacturing automation market space.Structured in a multi-tiered framework, the Wonderware VAR/OEM Program builds progressive levels of technology and business benefits corresponding to VAR or OEM demonstrated commitment to Wonderware technical certifications and product purchase volumes. The program enables VARs and OEMs to achieve the maximum benefits offered by Wonderware's innovative software solutions, which are backed by award-winning technical support and a certified training program for engineers."Selling into the industrial marketplace can represent a challenge for many vendors and suppliers as they attempt to match the right products to meet a customer's specific technology and business requirements. The process can be both time-consuming and expensive," said Nancy Venable, Wonderware's principal VAR/OEM marketing manager. "Wonderware understands issues facing VARs and OEMs and has created a comprehensive program that helps them successfully compete in the industrial market space. It rewards those who make a commitment to Wonderware by offering aggressive pricing, product development insight and comprehensive service and support."The Wonderware VAR/OEM Program consists of three major tiers: Affiliate, Associate and Premier. The entry-level Affiliate tier is designed to provide technology assistance and various price benefits. The Associate tier further rewards revenue and technical certification commitments with additional pricing structure benefits and a more comprehensive level of training and consulting services. The Premier tier is designed to create a complementary relationship between Wonderware and VARs and OEMs by acknowledging their high level of commitment to joint business success with Wonderware. Benefits include additional price savings, opportunities to work with Wonderware's senior product development management and customized technical case management and assistance. Depending on the specific tier, additional program benefits include access to low-cost development software and technical support, progressively favorable pricing upon VAR/OEM product certification, regular insight into Wonderware product roadmaps, and invitations to pre-release software evaluations and Wonderware's solution provider conferences. Depending on the tier, VARs and OEMs also can use the Wonderware Expert Knowledge Base Search Tool, which provides online technical assistance. By entering natural language queries in English, VARs and OEMs can quickly obtain solutions for particular problems and find answers to questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The tool also has self-learning capabilities and adapts the solutions based on feedback from users.The Wonderware VAR/OEM Program is designed to ensure that solution providers benefit from the ease of use, maintainability and flexibility offered by Wonderware software based on ArchestrA technology. ArchestrA technology is designed to improve business processes by extending the life of legacy systems and leveraging the latest software advances. It can increase revenue opportunities for VARs and OEMs by providing tangible methods to reduce the time it takes to develop and maintain end-customer products and solutions."The Wonderware VAR/OEM Program demonstrates the continued commitment to our solution providers," Venable said. "Combining Wonderware's award-winning software with VAR and OEM hardware and software provides affordable, easy-to-use solutions that enhance overall product functionality and flexibility for customers throughout the industrial/manufacturing marketplace."About Invensys and Its Wonderware and ArchestrA Business Units Visit www.wonderware.com/about_us/news/wwarchestra.asp.

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