Wonderware's Latest DA Server for Allen-Bradley CIP Provides Ultimate Connectivity and Ease of Use

  • September 06, 2005
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LAKE FOREST, Calif., Sept. 6, 2005 - Wonderware, a business unit of Invensys Systems, Inc., today announced the release of a new version of its ABCIP DA Server. As an advanced multi-protocol device integration server, ABCIP DA Server 3.0 provides configurable read-and-write access from all Wonderware software packages that require real-time plant-floor data to Allen-Bradley programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and control devices.The new server enables users to expand their existing control systems to incorporate more advanced supervisory HMI (human-machine interface) or production and performance management functions with minimal impact to existing operations. Version 3.0 extends the ability to connect to ControlLogix and other Logix-family PLCs by fully utilizing Allen-Bradley's ControlLogix gateway functionality."The Wonderware ABCIP DA Server removes the dependencies on RSLinx middleware for connectivity to Allen-Bradley PLCs," said Tim Black, Wonderware functional manager for device integration. "The new Wonderware ABCIP DA Server operates normally with scan-based message handling and manages unsolicited messages. Therefore, once a PLC has determined that a critical condition exists, it can generate a message and immediately send it to the DA Server without a prior request."The ABCIP DA Server 3.0 server uses the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) standard to communicate with all of the Allen-Bradley Logix families. This includes ControlLogix, FlexLogix, Micrologix and CompactLogix. In addition to direct PLC connections, ABCIP DA Server 3.0 can communicate with other Allen-Bradley networks including DHPlus, DH-485, ControlNet and DeviceNet through network bridge modules. This enables connectivity to legacy networks that include legacy controllers such as SLC500 and PLC5. The ABCIP DA Server works with OPC, Wonderware's SuiteLink protocol and DDE application protocols to communicate with Wonderware and third-party client applications. The server is OPC 2.05 compliant as determined by OPC Foundation test results. The DA Server software also comes with ArchestrA device integration objects that can be used with the Wonderware Industrial Application Server and automatically deployed to remote data servers. This functionality includes additional diagnostic and communications functions that use the remote deployment capabilities of the ArchestrA integrated development environment."We hear our customers loud and clear," Black said. "They want superior connectivity, diagnostics and performance from Wonderware that connect to Allen-Bradley PLCs, and we have been working toward that goal with every release of the ABCIP DA Server. This DA Server release offers the ultimate in capabilities by providing customers tools for configuration, operation and full CIP connectivity, as well as the ease of use for which Wonderware is known."About Invensys and Its Wonderware and ArchestrA Business Units Visit www.wonderware.com/about_us/news/wwarchestra.asp.

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