Banner Introduces Extreme and Heavy-Duty Fiber Optic Safety Interlock Switches for Harsh Environments

  • March 31, 2006
  • Banner Engineering
  • News—March 31, 2006—Banner Engineering announces its compact yet rugged PICO-GUARD™ Extreme- and Heavy-Duty Safety Interlock Switches. Constructed of solid metal, these switches are designed for use with the PICO-GUARD fiber optic controller for personnel safety applications and provide reliable, non-contact access guarding for doors, guards, gates and covers. The switch features an active/passive configuration allowing the optical fibers to enter and exit from one side of the guard only—making them ideal for removable doors and panels. Available in stainless-steel and die-cast metal housings, PICO-GUARD Extreme- and Heavy-Duty switches resist the rigors of tough environments.
  • Available in chemical-resistant 316 stainless-steel and impact-resistant die-cast zinc housings
  • Designed to meet stringent Safety Category 4 applications
  • Operates at ranges from 1 to 50 mm
  • Allows for a degree of misalignment and vibration
  • Available in 1.8, 4.5, 9.0 and 15.3 m standard fiber lengths
  • Includes center mounting holes for easy installation
  • Features integral polyethylene jacketed plastic fiber with fluoropolymer sheathing on extreme-duty model
  • Features polyethylene jacketed plastic fiber or polyethylene jacketed plastic fiber with fluoropolymer sheathing on heavy-duty model
  • Approved for use in explosive gaseous environments (Class 1/Div. 1, Class 1/Zone 0) by ATEX, FM and CSA standards
  • Rated IP67 Direct link to request product: more information on Banner’s PICO-GUARD™ Fiber Optic Safety Systems visit: Learn More

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