Datastick Systems Announces First Shipment of PDA-based Vibration Spectrum Analyzer

  • February 23, 2006
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CAMPBELL, CA, FEB 23, 2006 -- Datastick Systems, Inc., today announced its first customer shipment of the VSA-1212 Vibration Spectrum Analyzer, the first PDA-based vibration analyzer to provide open, non-proprietary desktop PC software built on a foundation of Microsoft® Excel®. Michael Scandling, Datastick Vice President of Marketing, announced shipments to the USA, Europe, and South America from the company's headquarters in Silicon Valley.The system includes the new Datastick® VSA-1212 Vibration Spectrum Analyzer module that attaches securely to select PDAs running Palm OS; new Datastick Spectrum handheld software that collects and stores vibration measurements while displaying them in time waveforms and FFT spectra complete with alarm levels; and Datastick Reporting System(TM) (DRS) software for PCs, which is based on Microsoft Excel. Vibration data from the PDA exports to the PC with a single press of a button and loads into the DRS workbook on the PC with two mouse-clicks.The VSA-1212 module is designed to use standard ICP®-type industrial accelerometers. The Datastick Spectrum software that runs on the PDA places all the vital waveform or FFT spectral information on one screen. Data can be shown in terms of acceleration, velocity, or displacement. Versatile cursor-point tools enable precise zooming and numerical readout of any data point, and can show the relationship between any two data points. An "Add Note" feature allows the user to attach written observations to individual waveform or spectrum captures."The VSA-1212 system will enable more companies to take advantage of the cost-saving and efficiency benefits of routine machine condition monitoring in predictive maintenance. It's also an excellent, easily affordable troubleshooting device for field service technicians and organizations," said Scandling. "Until now, there have been two barriers to wider use of vibration analyzers: initial cost, and the perception that you have to be a vibration expert to use them. The VSA-1212 breaks down both of these barriers."There are a number of vibration analyzers in the market that contain huge databases of machine faults and elaborate artificial intelligence systems to guide the user to perform the appropriate maintenance steps, Scandling continued. Unfortunately for many users, these systems also have very high prices - some upwards of $30,000, he said."Our basic system comes in at a small fraction of that price, and our completely open Excel-based PC software enables our customers to send vibration data to any consultant they wish for expert analysis," Scandling said. "Rather than artificial intelligence, we offer our customers complete freedom to use what we call 'discretionary real intelligence.' We don't lock them into proprietary software, which means we don't limit their choice of consultants."Up to 22 MB of recorded waveform and spectrum data can be stored in the recommended Garmin® iQue® 3200 or 3600 handheld computer, enough to store data from more than 700 inspection checkpoints. There are 6 selectable FFT windowing options and a broad selection of maximum frequency options. The user can use alert levels based on ISO standards, or set his own. Industry-standard BNC connectors connect with industrial-grade accelerometers, and a ruggedized case is available for the system."We are the first company to develop a PDA-based vibration analyzer that uses standard ICP-type sensors. Our customers can leverage its existing investment in sensors, rather than purchase proprietary sensors to use with a PDA-based system," said Datastick Chief Technology Officer and President Steve Sabram, who is responsible for the patent-pending technology utilized in the VSA-1212."A wealth of PDA software on the market includes spreadsheets and word processing programs, and if the user selects a Garmin handheld, he can track GPS locations in a separate program," said Datastick CEO Penny Melrose. "For added functionality, a user can detach the VSA module from the PDA, attach a Datastick DAS module for data acquisition, attach sensors for temperature, pressure, humidity, and other factors, and have an entirely new instrument."The VSA-1212 supports these handhelds: Palm® Tungsten(TM) T, T2, T3, C, Palm m-500 series, Garmin iQue 3200, and Garmin iQue 3600.Datastick Systems, Inc., designs and develops cost-effective handheld test and measurement software and hardware for a broad range of industrial, research, environmental, and scientific markets. Datastick developed the first general-purpose data acquisition hardware and software system for the Palm platform. Learn More

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