Inductive Automation Offers Free Integrator Partner Program

  • March 13, 2006
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SACRAMENTO, March 2006 – Inductive Automation offers free partner program for industrial systems integrators. The details can be found at At Inductive Automation, our integrator program is the core of our business. We believe that our integrators are doing us a service by promoting our software to their customers. We understand that it is only through your hard work and skillful implementation that the quality of our software shines through. Being born from a system integration company, these philosophies have guided Inductive Automation since its inception, and are most apparent in our integrator program. Here are some things that you as an integrator can expect from Inductive Automation:No Annual Support Fees. We don't charge our integrators an annual support fee, or for that matter, any sort of support fees. Why would we charge you for support when you are the ones promoting our software? Integrator support is free so that you can have as much success as possible using our software for your customers' projects.Free Training. Along the same lines as support fees, we know your success in selling and using the software is greatly improved with training, so we provide it to you for free. We know that by being fully proficient with our software, it is easier for you to promote and you'll impress your customers with high quality HMI/SCADA solutions that are unparalleled anywhere else. This helps both of us.Customer Leads. At Inductive Automation, we don't compete with our integrators. End-users often come to us with interest in our software. When this happens, we try our best to pair them up with a local systems integrator. Furthermore, end-users can find you from our website once you are an Inductive Automation integrator. If you qualify as an Inductive Automation integrator jobs might just fall into your lap!No Up-Front Costs. We don't get paid until the project is operational. Our development software is free. This means that as an integrator, you never actually buy our software, only end-users do. This allows you to develop fully functional conceptual demos or full blown projects without ever spending a cent.Integrator Discount Pricing. You will receive discount pricing at a respectable multiplier regardless of the volume that you sell.Inductive Automation is the innovative leader in web-deployed industrial control applications. Learn More

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