Intec Automation Introduces Tiny Ethernet Controller

  • April 27, 2006
  • News
Victoria, BC, Canada, Apr-06: Intec Automation Inc. announces the release of the WildFireMod, a more compact plug-in module version of its popular WildFire single board computer. “In spite of being so tiny, this controller offers a similar feature set as our popular WildFire5282, with the added convenience of being a plug-in module. Having so much I/O, this module uses high density board to board connectors for enhanced reliability, rather than the more common 0.1” headers and ribbon-cable connectors”, says Intec’s CEO, Bob Furber. With 16MB of RAM and up to 2 GB of removable SD card program and data storage the WildFireMod is well suited for Linux and for massive data acquisition. Its abundance of digital I/O, analog inputs and numerous highly programmable timers make the versatile WildFireMod suitable for complex industrial control applications. The small form factor allows it to be embedded in actuators and tight enclosures.The module boots Linux from a SD card, making the WildFireMod the smallest “Linux box” with Internet connectivity and massive control functionality. At 49mm x 44mm it is the smallest control module in its class. Despite its size, it sports massive amounts of memory as well as the serial, CAN and Ethernet drivers usually omitted from competitive modules. “It encapsulates the smarts, memory, connectivity, drivers and high speed signals. This relieves the developer to concentrate on what he knows best: interfacing switches, relays and sensors to his system” says Bob Furber. Learn More

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