Leader in Leak Detection Opens Detroit Office

  • January 10, 2006
  • Intertech Incorporated
  • News
(Detroit, Michigan) Motor City Technical Centers involved in prototype development with stringent leak and functional testing specifications will now be able to access local consultants from InterTech Development Company’s newly opened Detroit facility. InterTech Development Company is arguably the world leader in the functional and leak testing technology that underpins the automotive industry’s ability to meet Clean Air Regulations requirements and achieve higher fuel efficiency standards. InterTech’s new Detroit office is expected to help many OEMs and their Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers cut time-to-market by up to 15%. Hugh O’Neill, InterTech Development Company’s Regional Sales Manager for North America and the Director of the new Detroit office explains that InterTech’s Detroit facility will make it far easier for automotive industry Technical Centers to keep their focus on overall component design by relying on InterTech’s singular focus on functional and leak testing. O’Neill says, “We have seen both in-house laboratories in automotive companies and independent testing labs without singular focus on leak and functional testing make significant missteps in fixture design and other aspects of successful leak and functional testing. InterTech offers an alternative, especially given our global capabilities to help automotive companies implement consistent processes worldwide. By using InterTech services many automotive companies have cut costs of prototype development by up to 10%. Opening the Detroit facility is designed to make needed consultations for audit testing, correlation studies and other phases of functional and leak testing even more accessible to a greater number of automotive companies, such that they too can drastically cut prototype development costs.”The InterTech Development Company offices in Detroit are located at 18121 E. 8 Mile Road, Suite 202,Eastpointe, MI 48021. InterTech Development Company is a world leader in test-centric assembly specializing in automated leak and functional testing with 7 patented mass flow and hydraulic technologies, as well as, helium mass spectrometry (ISO-9001-2000 International Standards for Quality Management). InterTech Development Company-engineered solutions are used by hundreds of automotive components manufacturers worldwide, among other assembly-intensive manufacturers. InterTech Development Company’s worldwide support organization maintains offices in North America, Asia, and Europe. Learn More

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