Photo Labs Incurring Thousands of Dollars of Unnecessary Yearly Expenses by Not Automating a Simple Task

  • April 05, 2006
  • PSI Engineering
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Labs Incurring Thousands of Dollars of Unnecessary Yearly Expenses by not automating a simple taskMississauga, ON, April 2006 – As the internet and digital camera driven, photo processing lab industry continues to grow, minimizing operating costs has become a top priority. Many have found that the traditional method of printing customer variable shipping data onto labels and manually applying them to photo bags/envelopes is both costly and inefficient. PSI Engineering, a leader in material handling and inline document automation solutions has developed the Laser Mail 5020 which can print high quality customer information directly on to photo bags/envelopes in one pass.The Laser Mail 5020 will print logos, barcodes, customer particulars and pricing information onto various sized photo bags/envelopes. Printing complete customer information in one pass saves considerable time and labor when compared to printing 2 or 3 labels and then applying them to the photo bags/envelopes by hand, a method still employed by many photo processing labs.Equipped with PSI’s “Load-On-The- Fly” feeder system, the Laser Mail 5020 minimizes user intervention since the feeder can load up to 1,000 photo bags/envelopes. Feeder reloads can take place while the system is in operation, meaning virtually no downtime. “Typically our customers have found that the average cost of affixing labels, [including label and labor costs] onto 5000 photo bags/envelopes monthly is approximately $5278,” says Frank P. Bonsu, Printer Solutions Account Manager at PSI Engineering. Using PSI’s Laser Mail 5020 to print 5000 envelopes per month will only cost about $321 (including consumable costs and equipment costs amortized over 5 years). “It’s hard to ignore savings like that,” Bonsu notes.About PSI EngineeringPSI Engineering designs and manufacturers high speed material handling automation equipment, packaging and dispensing machinery and production laser printing systems for use in the direct mail, manufacturing, distribution, packaging and order fulfillment industries. PSI designs its equipment for low total operating cost, high capacity and industrial durability while keeping operator intervention to a minimum. Learn More

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