FKI Logistex wins RFID contract for Hamburg, Germany Library

  • August 23, 2006
  • FKI Logistex
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RFID-based system will handle yearly circulation of two million items (Aarhus, Denmark : August 23, 2006) FKI Logistex, a global leader in integrated material handling solutions, announces that it has won a contract from Hamburg Library (Hamburger Öffentliche Bücherhallen (HÖB)) in Germany to deliver a fully automated RFID-based item-handling and sorting system for the Hamburg central library and 17 city libraries. The FKI Logistex solution provides HÖB with advanced ergonomic workflow for library staff, highly accurate library holding information, faster check-in and check-out of library materials, and more convenience overall for both library patrons and staff. The contract also includes a 10-year support agreement. HÖB has a yearly circulation of approximately two million items. The fully automated FKI Logistex system features subsystems for check-in, check-out and sorting of items including books, magazines, CDs, DVDs and videos. "It was important for HÖB to invest in a solution that is not only capable of handling and sorting a large volume, but is also based on the latest technology," says Stephan Heessels, manager for library solutions, FKI Logistex Europe. "HÖB has invested in a total automated and ergonomically advanced solution which is not only an investment for the future, but will also set the standard for the automation of public libraries. The new HÖB FKI Logistex system will be the role model for libraries in Germany." Easy Item Self-Return The new central library system begins with four Library Mate self check-in units, which allow library patrons to return library materials easily. Users place items that are to be returned on a table at the front left of the Library Mate. These items are then easily and quickly inserted into the Library Mate.Inside the machine, a small belt automatically transports items past the scanner and the material protection unit, then through the machine. When the Library Mate scans the item's RFID chip, it re-activates the antitheft protection, and a red light indicates to the user that the machine is working. The light changes to green once the Library Mate is ready to receive the next item.A total of 41 Library Mates for self check-out are also included in the new contract. Operation of the Library Mate is directed using a touch screen. All necessary functions for executing the self-service lending are contained within the Library Mate, including a card reader that scans the library card, an RFID aerial for reading the RFID tag ID on the library item and reactivating its material protection, as well as a receipt printer. Library Mates feature lockable wheels so that they can be moved around easily in a library. They also offer HTML-based menus that allow library staff to custom-design menu text or background pictures. High-Speed Automated Item Sorting An FKI Logistex Compact Sorter is located behind the Library Mate check-in units. The Compact Sorter is a cross-belt sorter that features a capacity of 4,500 items per hour. Its powered belts run crosswise to the running direction of the sorter, enabling it to discharge library items into book carts or containers positioned at each side of the sorter. When library users return an item into the Library Mate, the item's material ID is matched with the information in the library system and a location for the item is determined. The item is then transferred automatically to one of the sorter's belt units and then delivered to the correct discharge station, which includes 40 FKI Logistex Ergo Cart book carts and 35 other item containers. A Total RFID-Based Solution The new item handling and sorting system is based on RFID technology. Not only does RFID offer an intelligent antitheft function, but it also allows a user to verify that all parts of a combined library loan are present at check-in or check-out. FKI Logistex Library Mate self check-in and self check-out units offer this as a standard solution. If an item that is part of a combined loan is missing at check-in or check-out, such as one part of a multiple CD or DVD, the Library Mate will notify the user that an item is missing. The HÖB solution not only includes RFID tags for books, CDs and DVDs, but also a system to affix the RFID tags to the items. It also features security gates that detect whether items have been checked out properly, as well as staff-operated RFID stations that enable librarians to quickly check out or check in several items simultaneously and add new RFID tags to library materials. The FKI Logistex Library Concept FKI Logistex offers a range of solutions to cover library needs for patron self-service and material handling. FKI Logistex library solutions are developed to handle items identified with RFID and/or barcodes. The company's systems support the SIP1 and SIP2 library interfaces, and its equipment can handle library items up to 300 x 400 x 100 mm (width x length x height). FKI Logistex offers complete service and support for its library solutions, including a 24/7 hotline and regular service inspections. About FKI Logistex FKI Logistex is a leading global provider of automated material handling solutions, supplying its customers with an integrated set of leading-edge technologies in high-speed sortation, conveyor systems, palletizing, paperless pick products, AS/RS, controls, order fulfillment systems, RFID implementation, EDS integration, baggage handling systems, warehouse control systems, and total material handling automation. FKI Logistex provides material handling solutions for airports, postal facilities, parcel distribution, manufacturing operations, library automation, and for warehouse and distribution facilities. With projects that include many of the world's largest and most advanced material handling operations, FKI Logistex has manufacturing, engineering and support facilities around the world. Learn More

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