International Automation Network Forum, June 13 – 14, Genova, Italy

  • June 13, 2006
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Bubenreuth – 14. June 2006The first International Automation Network Forum will take place in Genova, Italy from June 13 – June 14. Participants and speakers from across Europe, Russia and China will meet to discuss the future of automation, and to take an inside look into recent developments. Sponsored by the Department of Electrical Engineering from the University of Genova, Italy, and infoteam software, Germany, the forum will be the first in a series of upcoming similar events.What is on the agenda?The first day of the event will focus on future trends in automation, such as reusable automation objects or new standards for safety critical applications. Experts from various fields will present their views on future automa-tion requirements, while automation providers will share undisclosed insight on their roadmap to new products.The second day features a series of in-depth presentations on recent automation technologies and demonstrates solutions for a wide range of applications.The presentations will be complemented by a table top exhibition where participants can meet experts to discuss specific questions.Who benefits?The international event brings together specialists from research and indus-try with suppliers and users. “Forums like this provide an excellent opportunity to listen to the needs of the market,” points out Dr. Wolfgang Brendel, CEO of infoteam software, one of the organizers of the forum. “In return, attendants leave with new inspiration and solutions for their day-to-day business.”Last but not least, the location in Genova, just a few miles away from the sunny Italian Riviera, adds some extra attraction.What is the Automation Network?The conference is named “Automation Network Forum.” So what is the Automation Network?Initiated by infoteam software, the Automation Network is a synergetic co-operation, allowing its members to complement their products and services with those from other members. Combining the flexibility, invention potential and expertise of specialists with the ability to market a of full line of products vastly strengthens the members’ competitiveness.The growing network already consists of more than 20 member companies from Europe, the US, Canada, China and Taiwan. The common attribute of all products is the IEC 61131-3 programming standard, implemented within the OpenPCS Automation Suite. This standard ensures compatibility of all software and target devices and allows for the reuse of knowledge and programs.infoteam Software GmbHinfoteam Software was founded in 1983 and now has over 60 employees who are committed to the development of software for industrial automation and medical technology. The central focus lies on interactive programming environments for industrial controllers, robotics, building and laboratory automation as well as on firmware for control, sensor and actuator engineering and communication in the area of Embedded Control. infoteam Software is the world market leader for IEC 61131-3-compatible programming environments, the global programming standard for industrial controllers.infoteam's activities in the medical technology area focus on the development of software tools for laboratory automation as well as on automated tests and the company's professional, high-quality work guarantees the highest possible level of security in this safety-critical industry. Patient and labo-ratory databases and interactive graphical visualisation systems play a major role here as does the configuration of trial and analyses sequences. Relevant experience in the implementation of interna-tional standards such as IEC 61508 and statutory regulations such as FDA CFR 21 Part 11 and IVD has been gathered in projects for safety-oriented systems and devices for radiological tests.Our customer base includes leading manufacturers in Europe, the USA and the Far East who operate in the areas of automation, medical technology, building management as well as energy generation and distribution. Infoteam Software’s headquarters are located near Nuremberg, Germany. The Asia-Pacific sales representation is located in Beijing Haidian district, China. Learn More

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