Multi-variable Electronic Pressure Transducers and Transmitters Gain Market Share

  • June 02, 2006
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Natick, Massachusetts - June 1, 2006 - A recent three-volume market study by Venture Development Corporation evaluates and forecasts worldwide markets for various technologies used in the following electronics pressure sensing devices: • Process Transmitters• Non-Process Transducers & Transmitters• Component Level Pressure Sensors (solid state devices sold either as silicon chips, or with a limited degree of packaging that allow these to be incorporated into transducers & transmitters) The following summarizes one of the most significant trends: Trend Toward Use Of Multi-Variable Pressure Transducers & TransmittersCurrent and Forecast Worldwide Shipment Shares of Multi-Variable Pressure Transducers & Transmitters (Percent of Dollar Volumes): 2005 Total: $3,850 Million Pressure Output Only: 94.3% Multi-Variable Types: 5.7% 2010 Total: $5,129.7 Million Pressure Output Only: 90.5% Multi-Variable Types: 9.5% Multi-variable pressure sensing devices combine a pressure output with one or more other types of sensing output (most typically temperature) in one unit. These accounted for a small share of worldwide pressure transducer and pressure transmitter shipments in 2005, at $217.8 million of a $3,850 million market, or 5.7% of the total. However, the growth rate in shipment of these products is expected to be much higher than the industry average, with shipments expected to reach $489.6 million of a $5,129.7 million market in 2010, or 9.5% of the total. This represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.6% over the period, compared to 5.9% for the overall market. The most cited reasons for shipment growth in these products are cost savings: in lower prices than in purchase of two or more devices, and lower costs after purchase (lower installation/wiring costs, lower maintenance costs, etc.). Other advantages cited are easier calibration, easier diagnostics, fewer cables, higher reliability, less weight, space savings, and reduction in process intrusion/penetration. Increasing complexity of applications, with requirements for multiple sensing functions, will drive demand. However, the need for these sensing function are not always at the same location, and this will limit demand. Furthermore, with multifunction sensing in one package, if one sensor fails, a more expensive sensor unit has to be replaced. This also will tend to limit growth in demand for these products. About VDC Venture Development Corporation (VDC) is an independent technology market research and strategy consulting firm that specializes in a number of datacom/telecom, component, industrial, retail automation, RFID, AIDC, embedded, and defense markets. VDC has been operating since 1971, when the firm was founded by graduates of the Harvard Business School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Today, we employ a talented collection of analysts and consultants who offer a rare combination of expertise in the market research process; experience in technology product and program management; and formal training in engineering and marketing. VDC's clients include thousands of the largest and fastest-growing tech suppliers in the world and the most successful investors participating in the markets we cover. Learn More

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