New XY line and scatter charts for .NET Developers

  • June 30, 2006
  • ControlEng Corporation
  • News
June 30, 2006 - XY Chart NET is a .NET WinForm control that integrates seamlessly into a Visual Studio .NET 2003 & 2005 applications, reducing time to market while providing powerful engineering and scientific XY line and scatter charts for presentation and analysis. Very little programming is required thanks to XY Chart's key built-in features such as zoom, scrollbars, pan, crosshairs and coordinates display. Additional features include 10 Y scales and 10 X scales, Y scale stacking, linear and log scales, units support for each scale, built-in trending, multi-language support, Unicode support, exceptional documentation and code samples, and royalty-free distribution rights. XY Chart NET is written entirely in VS.NET for .NET applications, and is not a recycled ActiveX control. Check out the XY Chart NET Gallery and see how XY Chart NET can take data analysis charting to the next level. Learn More

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