PAS Configuration Management Software implemented at Oil Refining & Petrochemical Complex

  • September 21, 2006
  • PAS Inc.
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SK Corporation implements Integrity across its entire Ulsan, Korea facility for management of over 120 automation assets, increasing efficiency, safety and Return on Assets. Houston, TX September 21, 2006 - SK Corporation recently implemented PAS’ Configuration Management Software solution at its Ulsan complex. Significant benefits have been achieved at the SK Ulsan complex from daily use of PAS’ Integrity Configuration Management Software. Y.K. Lee, Senior General Manager CIM Development Team at SK Corporation said, “Integrity has brought a new level of visibility to our automation assets allowing us to visualize, manage and document the intellectual property contained within them. This has helped SK increase profitability and reliability.” SK chose Integrity to manage and optimize their entire range of automation assets due to its ability to automatically document, visualize, and track changes for their automation assets across the entire processing complex. Specific benefits achieved include: Cost Reduction

  • Personnel Productivity
  • Better Utilization of Available Capacity Improved Safety Performance
  • Accurate and Available Documentation
  • Work Process
  • Asset Model Information Improved Return on Asset Performance
  • Asset Visualization
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Risk Management
  • Disaster Recovery Engineers, operations personnel, and management at SK had been using the Integrity product since late 2005 to manage a subset of their automation assets. This recent work connects over 120 automation assets to the main Integrity server from across the processing complex, making information readily available on demand via web client to all authorized SK staff. About SK Corporation SK Corporation, the energy and chemical affiliate of SK Group, is Korea's largest oil refiner, holding 38% of Korea's refining market share. SK’s Ulsan complex located in Ulsan, South Korea is the largest integrated refining and petrochemical complex in the world with a capacity of 850,000 barrel/day crude distillation. In addition to its substantial energy business, the complex runs a petrochemical business capable of producing 4.3 million tons of petrochemical products per year. The SK Ulsan complex also has ethylene resolution facilities capable of producing 730,000 tons per year. About PAS PAS, founded in 1993, is a world wide leader in People & Asset Solutions to the process industries. Key applications include Knowledge Management, Alarm Management, Linear and Non-Linear Multivariable Control & Optimization, Control Loop Performance Monitoring and Real-time Performance Metrics Management. Our PlantState Suite platform provides the foundation for consistent implementation of applications across any control and information platform. The robustness and the easy-to-use design are hallmarks of PlantState Suite applications and allow customers to maximize profits while minimizing life cycle costs.
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