PIAB introduces plastic bag handling solution

  • October 12, 2006
  • PIAB Vacuum Products
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Combines Powerful COAX Vacuum Pump with Air-Saving Cruise Control Feature and Durable BL-3P Suction CupOctober 12, 2006 - Hingham, MA - PIAB USA Inc., a global leader in industrial vacuum technology, introduces the packaging industry’s most sophisticated plastic bag handling solution. By combining PIAB’s powerful P6010 COAX® vacuum pump with an air-saving cruise control (PCC) feature and a durable BL-3P suction cup, PIAB offers the first complete solution for a variety of plastic bag handling applications in the packaging industry. Until now, bag handling with suction cups has been a very challenging task, resulting in regular errors and machine stoppages. PIAB’s new plastic bag handling solution delivers higher process reliability by decreasing downtime that can result from dropped or damaged bags. Additionally, because of its unique design, users can handle a wider variety of bags to run with the same suction cup, thus decreasing changeover time.“Variation and change in product lines are some of the greatest challenges for today’s packaging companies and packaging machine builders,” said Brian Punt, PIAB Packaging Segment Specialist. “PIAB’s plastic bag handling solution is flexible enough to handle plastic bags of many shapes and sizes.”At the heart of PIAB’s plastic bag solution is the P6010 vacuum pump. Based upon the company’s patented COAX multi-stage ejector technology, the P6010 provides up to 40% more flow than a conventional vacuum pump, while still reducing overall energy consumption. In order to optimize performance for plastic bag handling, the P6010 is equipped with PIAB’s air-saving cruise control option, which automatically maintains a pre-set level of vacuum to ensure a consistent and reliable vacuum level is provided at the suction point. The plastic bag handling solution features a BL-3P suction cup, which is situated directly at the point of suction. The BL-3P suction cup is made of DURAFLEX, a strong, durable, elastic material with excellent sealing capability. The sealing lip is a very soft, thin durometer, while the multiple bellows is a more rigid durometer. The unique characteristics of the BL-3P suction cup’s design provides enough strength and stability for high initial flow applications while still providing the softness and flexibility required to seal uneven surfaces. With better sealing capabilities and stronger, more stable bellows, the BL-3P suction cups allow applications to run at higher speeds. The larger inner neck diameter and specially designed high-flow fitting allow the high initial flow needed for a secure grip. PIAB’s BL-3P cups are offered in 3 sizes: 30, 40 and 50, depending upon application size requirements. About PIAB USA, Inc.As a global leader in industrial vacuum technology, PIAB provides innovative solutions that improve the productivity and working environment of vacuum users around the world. PIAB manufactures a complete line of vacuum pumps, suction cups, vacuum conveyors, and vacuum accessories, for a variety of automated material handling and factory automation processes. The company recently introduced an innovative line of vacuum pumps that utilize COAX, a patented technology which integrates the internal components of a multi-stage vacuum pump into a highly efficient and flexible vacuum cartridge. PIAB also offers DURAFLEX suction cups, which are designed in varying durometors to provide a strong, secure grip on a wide variety of materials and products. Learn More

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