Power Efficiency Corp achieves 23% energy savings on stamping press

  • August 25, 2006
  • Power Efficiency Corporation
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Successful Test Helps Pave Way for Industrial Sales, Shows 23% Energy Savings August 25, 2006 - LAS VEGAS--(MARKETWIRE)---Power Efficiency Corporation (OTCBB: PEFF), a developer and manufacturer of advanced energy savings technologies for electric motors, today announced that it completed a successful test of its Power Genius™ product on a metal stamping press at Check-Mate Industries. The test was performed on a 10 horsepower motor powering a 60 ton stamping press producing handgun magazines. “This test on a stamping press is the first of many tests we expect to report on industrial equipment in the coming months,” said Steven Strasser, Power Efficiency’s Chairman and CEO. “This test moves forward our initiative to grow sales on industrial applications. We previously announced our intention to pursue tests on industrial equipment and we are following through on that strategy. The Company has historically focused on the elevator and escalator market, but there are many more applications for our technology in industrial facilities. Candidates for energy savings with our technology include many types of industrial equipment, such as granulators, mixers, grinders, saws, injection molding machines, conveyors, crushers and more.” Electric motors become inefficient when they are lightly loaded. The Power Genius saves energy on under-loaded electric motors by matching the power supplied to the motor with the power required to keep the motor operating at full RPM. According to a study commissioned by the Department of Energy, 44% of all electric motor driven systems are operating at 40% or less of their full load. This means millions of motors in the U.S. alone are wasting energy. Check-Mate Industries, Inc. was founded in 1972 and is headquartered in Wyandanch, New York. Check-Mate operates a 30,000 square foot production facility where with state-of-the-art production equipment, including over 40 stamping presses, and a highly skilled and dedicated staff providing tool and die, metal stamping and assembly services. Check-Mate also offers computerized spot welding, automatic seam welding and braising, as well as engineering services to custom design tools, parts and equipment. The specific parameters and results of the test include:
  • Pyramid P-60 metal stamping press manufacturing handgun magazines
  • The stamping press is powered by a 10 horsepower, 460 volt motor operating 12 hours a day, 6 days a week
  • 23% energy savings measured during a test conducted over two hours, one hour without and one hour with the Company’s product About Power Efficiency Corporation Power Efficiency Corporation develops and markets advanced energy saving technologies for electric motors. The Company’s first product, called the Power Genius™, reduces the amount of energy used by electric motors in applications such as many escalators, elevators, grinders, granulators, mixers, saws and stamping presses. The Power Genius™ allocates power in direct proportion to the motor's required workload, eliminating wasted electricity. The company's core technology is based on patented improvements to NASA technology. Energy savings from the Company’s products are typically 20-40% in appropriate applications. The controllers also reduce the operating heat of the motor, producing significant motor life extension and downtime reduction benefits. PEC products are UL compliant and CE and CSA certified. Learn More

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