Universal Flow Monitors introduces online flowmeter selection chart

  • August 24, 2006
  • Universal Flow Monitors, Inc.
  • News
August 24, 2006 - Universal Flow Monitors, Inc. has added a new resource to its website that functions as a virtual information source for flowmeter technologies.Flowmeters.com now provides a chart that enables site visitors to select the appropriate flowmeter technology for the type of fluid they are using.The flowmeter technology selection chart shows the technology that provides best value in a typical application of a fluid. The chart also compares various technologies and fluids on the basis of cost, accuracy, installation requirements, output type, on-unit display availability, power requirements, flow switching availability, rangability, fluid conductivity and response time.Technologies on the selection chart include Coriolis mass, magnetic, vortex shedding, variable area, vane, weir, flume, area velocity, ultrasonic, turbine, thermal, target, paddlewheel and positive displacement. Fluids on the chart include clean, dirty, corrosive, open channel, cryogenic and viscous liquids; greases; clean oil; non-Newtonian liquids; abrasive and fibrous slurries; clean and dirty gases; and saturated and superheated steam.To view the selection chart, click on “Flowmeter Technologies” in the toolbar at the top of the homepage, and then scroll down to “Flowmeter Selection by Technology.”Flowmeters.com also provides a flowmeter selector tool with links to meter options for various types of flow streams and numerous industries. Users can click on the type of stream they need to measure or the industry related to their application. They are linked to flowmeters in that category that best meet their needs in terms of performance and price.Visitors to Flowmeters.com also can listen to a lecture on flowmeter selection and receive “Live Help” on flowmeter technologies and products. The “Live Help” service includes two-way communication with a flowmeters expert and a co-browser function for site navigation. Other features of the website include overviews of flowmeter technologies, descriptions of how various types of flowmeters work, a discussion of flow computers and a glossary of flow terminology.The sponsor of Flowmeters.com, Universal Flow Monitors, Inc., is located in Hazel Park, Michigan, and has manufactured flowmeters for a variety of industries for more than 20 years. Learn More

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