Viola Systems forms strategic partnership in Mexico

  • October 11, 2006
  • News
CFE, the Mexican state electricity company, as well as Pemex, the state owned petroleum company, possess thousands of switches and valves critical to the supply of energy in this large and fast growing country. Viola's Arctic IEC-104 Gateway, a product specified together with ABB, helps utilities save costs and improve distribution management. Turku, Finland. (October 11, 2006) - Viola Systems, a leader in industrial-grade wireless M2M connectivity solutions, has today formally announced a strategic partner for the Mexican market. "We proudly welcome our new, distinguished business partner in Mexico: Teledata Technologies in Mexico City. Teledata has unique expertise across various industry verticals. More importantly, they are actively involved in various modernization projects in the utility sector," says Mika Marjalaakso, Vice President of Business Development at Viola Systems. "Viola enters Mexico at the right time with unique set of products. For utilities especially, Viola's Arctic IEC-104 and Modbus Gateways look very interesting," begins Antti Linden, consultant for Viola in Spanish speaking markets. He explains: "Mexico keeps updating its countrywide network for vital infrastructure, like telecom, petroleum, power and highways. Viola's products offer unique possibilities for our customers to access real-time information in remote previously inaccessible field devices through a field-proven, reliable and always-on communication solution." He stresses, that for Mexican conditions it is important that the Viola M2M Solution is operator-independent; that means it allows the end-customer to choose the best telecom provider in a particular area by eliminating the need to obtain the costly private Access Point Name (APN) from a mobile operator. Private APN is usually needed in order to arrange fixed, static IP addresses for field devices but the Viola M2M Solution can do this without the private APN. Antonio Rodriguez, CEO of Teledata, is optimistic of the new partnership and describes: "This partnership with Viola allows us to offer our customers field-proven, robust and secure wireless M2M connectivity solutions that are based on new wireless technologies such as GPRS / EDGE / UMTS. For our customers this means improved productivity and savings in maintenance and operation costs." Teledata has set up a test system in their premises and welcomes warmly all interested companies to contact them for demonstration purposes. ABOUT VIOLA M2M SOLUTION Unlike many competitors who sell boxes, Viola delivers a total secure end-to-end connectivity solution that seamlessly integrates remote devices and sites to centralized management systems such as SCADA or HP OpenView. No changes to existing systems are needed. Viola M2M Solution is an install-and-forget-it, hassle-free approach. In addition, Viola M2M Solution is operator-independent; it allows customers to implement two-way data communications in a similar manner all around the world. ABOUT VIOLA SYSTEMS Viola is specialized in advanced, industrial-grade wireless M2M (machine-to-machine) connectivity solutions that seamlessly link remote devices and sites together. Reliable remote access to device information leads to increased productivity and enables new maintenance business. Viola's solutions are used in a wide variety of applications from substations and distribution transformers in the electricity networks to base stations in the telecommunications networks to the transfer of video feed from remote surveillance cameras. Viola's solutions are sold through a global network of sales partners. Viola's customers include ABB, RFI - a division of the Italian State Railways, Vattenfall, Freescale Semiconductor, EBV Elektronik, Digita, and the Finnish Road Administration. Viola's headquarters are located in Turku, Finland. ABOUT TELEDATA TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Teledata has served the Mexican communications industry since its inception in 1992, first as a training and technology transfer provider, then as a consultant to Nokia Telecommunications, and as a distributor of Nokia and many other mobile phones and Telcel's mobile services. Learn More

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