Yokogawa upgrades Event Analysis Package

  • October 13, 2006
  • Yokogawa Corporation of America
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October 13, 2006 - Yokogawa has released an upgrade to its increasingly popular Exaplog Event and Analysis Package to version R3.10. Exaplog is a software product that categorizes event logs acquired from process automation systems in terms of “Process Requests” (alarms, annunciators, etc.) and “Operator’s Actions” (setting values changing modes, etc.). By observing the balance of these alarms and events in a graphical manner, operation-related problems can be quantitatively identified and classified. The Exaplog Event Analysis Package gathers historical events from a process control system, saves the historical information in a local database, and provides analytical functions. These functions include an Event Balance Trend (EBT) Graph, which displays the balance between “process requests volume” and “operator work volume,” a 3W (“When, What, Where”) Filter, which extracts events occurring at problem areas, a Message Summary Window, which displays the time of an event, its type, and detail of time order of event occurrences, and a Category Sort Window, which sorts events by type (such as alarm notification or recovery) and displays the results in pie charts and tables. Event IDs, such as tag names, can be sorted and displayed in numerical order of the number of event occurrences, and an Event Data Filter provides for display of only a selected event or can zoom in on a selected time span. The graphical interface allows the user to isolate the problem on the graph, isolate a problematic tag or set of tags, determine the reason for excessive actions, and determine the problem frequency – that is, does it occurs each day or during a certain time period? By this method, Exaplog helps eliminate unnecessary alarms, improves inefficient operation sequences, and, thus, improves the production process.Major features of Exaplog R3.10 are as follows:1). Increase number of days of data the can be displayed to over a month - thirty-one (31) days.2). Increase the maximum number of events that can be displayed to a million (1,000,000).3). Increase the maximum number of events per day that can be saved to 150,000.4). Add Fieldbus related messages to the types of messages that can be saved and analyzed.Exaplog becomes a perfect tool to analyze alarms and events in order to intelligently deploy alarm management strategies and tools such as Yokogawa’s AAASuite the provides functions for minimizing nuisance alarms and providing timely notification of only necessary alarms.About Yokogawa Corporation of AmericaYokogawa Corporation of America is the North American unit of $4 billion Yokogawa Electric Corporation, a global leader in the manufacture and supply of instrumentation, process control, and automation solutions. Headquartered in Newnan, Georgia, Yokogawa Corporation of America serves a diverse customer base with market-leading products including analyzers, flowmeters, transmitters, controllers, recorders, data acquisition products, meters, instruments, distributed control systems, and more. Learn More

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