Axiom Analytical announces FDR-800 Series probe for spectroscopic monitoring

  • February 21, 2007
  • News
IRVINE, Calif., Feb. 21, 2007 – Axiom Analytical announced the availability of its FDR-800 Series Diffuse Reflectance Probes. FDR-800 Series probes are the first compact diffuse reflectance probes capable of viewing a sample at normal incidence through a dryer or blender widow without introducing stray light. Their unique optical design (US Patent Pending) enables them to view sample areas between six and twelve mm in diameter through windows up to 15 mm thick. Also, because the probes are purely passive, i.e. not employing an internal optical source, they are intrinsically safe. Key to the FDR-800 design is the use of a coaxial array of optical fibers in conjunction with a single lens to overlap the illuminating and receiving fields of view at a desired distance in front of the probe. By effectively minimizing optical divergence, this design eliminates stray light, resulting in excellent photometric accuracy. Another benefit is a very high optical efficiency combined with a convenient form factor (2.5 cm diameter). The first model in the series (FDR-810) is designed for optimum coupling to a typical dispersive spectrometer employing a CCD detector array. The viewed spot diameter and target offset distance are optimized for use in a typical pharmaceutical drying or blending application. Modified designs are available to meet other sample viewing requirements and to mate to instruments such as FTIR and tunable laser spectrometers. About Axiom Analytical, IncAxiom Analytical, Inc. was founded in 1988 by Dr. Mike Doyle and Norm Jennings, pioneers in the field of process FTIR spectroscopy. The Company’s mission is to develop and market the robust sampling equipment, software, and integrated systems required to fully realize the potential of molecular spectroscopy for solving economically significant problems both in laboratory analysis and manufacturing processes. The Company’s products are employed in diverse industries ranging from basic chemicals to pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, and polymer processing. Learn More

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